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Gracie Jiu-Jitsu[1] is an instructional book written by Helio Gracie, published, in first edition, in 2006, by Editora Saraiva.


Describes the techniques of the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). The back cover says: "Helio Gracie, creator of the Gracie Jiu-jitsu, had a weak health in adolescence, being forbidden to perform any physical activity, until the chance put him on the tatami. His fascinants results, inside and out the ring, thrilled all a nation and made him the first hero of brazilian sport. After dedicating all of his life to this style of fight, Helio presents his first and unique book about the art that has made him a triumphant man. Born in 1913, now[2] he lives in Itaipava, in Rio, and teaches the jiu-jitsu".


The book develops also the idea that, according to the author, the BJJ would be, among all, the martial art the most efficient, what would have been proven by the results of the traditional championship UFC of mixed martial arts.[3]


  • 1 – Defenses in position stand up, against attacks by front
  • 2 – Defenses in position stand up, against attacks by back
  • 3 – Defenses against guns
  • 4 – Mount
  • 5 – Guard
  • 6 – Side mount (100k)[4][5]
  • 7 – Back mount
  • Appendix – the Gracie diet


"Once most martial arts have existed for centuries, it's virtually impossible to contact the creator of one of them. This work, nonetheless, represents an unique opportunity to learn the original techniques with Great Master Helio Gracie personally, the creator of the most influent nowadays martial art. To the profit of followers all over the world, Helio Gracie presents the legacy of his life. By a photographic work, you will see him show, step by step, his techniques' details, in improved images by describing of the movements. You also will know fascinating passages of his life, his ideology as a teacher and the principles of the Gracie diet"[6]


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