Graciela Beltrán

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Graciela Beltrán
Birth name Graciela Beltrán
Also known as La Reina Del Pueblo
Born (1974-12-29) December 29, 1974 (age 42)
Los Angeles, CA
Genres Banda, Mariachi, Tejano, Latin Pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, actress
Years active 1984–present
Labels Fonovisa/Univision, EMI Latin, Fonovisa/Universal GB Music Cintas Acuario

Graciela Beltrán (born December 29, 1974) is an American singer and actress. She began singing in the Los Angeles area at the age of six at restaurants and parties. She is considered to be one of the most emblematic singers of regional Mexican music.[1] According to MTV she is "widely known as one of regional Mexican music's most influential female voices. Beltran is credited with helping to form the genre, as well as solidifying a woman's place in it."[2]

Beltrán was included on the album Las Reinas Del Pueblo, with famous Mexican-American singer Selena, which has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Early life[edit]

While some sources give her place of birth as Sinaloa, on a small town called Costa Rica,;[3] Beltrán stated in in interview that she was born on U.S. soil.[4] She began her music career entertaining the neighbors whom were her first followers.

It was in Los Angeles where Graciela's music career took off when she first stepped onto a professional stage. Under the name Gracielita Beltran, she began recording albums of norteño, banda and mariachi music with local musicians. Four years later, Beltran was noticed by record execs at EMI, who offered to produce her next record. "Baraja de Oro" was one of the first singles from the six albums Beltran recorded with EMI.[5] At the 8th and 9th Lo Nuestro Awards, Beltran was nominated for Regional Mexican Female Singer of the Year.[6][7]


Aside from the many awards, Graciela Beltrán is also proud of the many professional collaborations she has participated in during her career.[8] These include duets with Ednita Nazario, Emilio Navaira, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Chalino Sánchez, Adán Sánchez, Banda Machos, Grupo Modelo, Conjunto Primavera and recently with El Chapo de Sinaloa. Her compilation album with Selena, 'La Reina Del TexMex', titled Las Reinas Del Pueblo has sold 5 million copies worldwide. She has also worked with well-known and respected producers such as Juan Carlos Calderon, K.C. Porter, Bebu Silvetti, Los Cuates Omar y Adolfo Valenzuela and Joan Sebastian.[9] She has shared the stage with Vicente Fernández among many other successful artists. In 2006, Graciela was the special guest for the Cinco de Mayo celebrations that year after year are held at the White House, in this occasion, she shared her talent and music in front of the President of the United States George W. Bush.[10] She has racked up five film appearances and a discography with 20 original titles, the latter half of them with the Mexican Univision label. Her career consists of appearances in Sábado Gigante, Siempre en Domingo and various shows around the world.[5][dead link]

After nearly 4 years of absence in the Recording Industry Graciela Beltran returned in 2014 with her own record label and three new productions One Album Excitos with Mariachi "Homenaje A La Voz Ranchera, Another Album with Banda Sinaloense with All new songs and finally a CD/DVD with Live Banda Sinaloense, Mariachi and Pop/Rock group.[citation needed]

Currently 2013-2014 Promoting her New Upcoming Albums in her Extensive Tour in the U.S. and Mexico has been Accompanied with her Banda Sinaloense and Mariachi.[citation needed]

2004 Premio Las Palmas de Oro como "La mejor cantante de música de Banda en México".[clarification needed]

2004 Premio Micrófono de Oro como "Cantante juvenil más destacada en música de Banda", otorgado por la Asociación Nacional de Locutores en México y La Fundación Guillermo Romo.[clarification needed]

Cintas Acuario Records 2007 Premio Lo Nuestro A La Trayectoria por sus 20 años en la música Regional Mexicana.[11]


  • 1987: Gracielita Beltran
  • 1988: Gracielita Beltran – 16 exitos
  • 1989: Revelacion Ranchero
  • Beltrán Canta Juntos
  • 1993: Mis Mejores Canciones – 17 Super Exitos
  • 1993: Graciela Beltrán con la Banda Culiacán
  • 1993: Graciela Beltrán con la Banda Santa Cruz
  • 1993: a duo con Grupo Modelo
  • 1994: Los Tucanes de Tijuana y Graciela Beltrán
  • 1995: Tesoro
  • 1995: Las Reinas Del Pueblo
  • 1996: Mi Corazon Es Tuyo
  • 1997: La Reina Del Pueblo con Banda y Mariachi
  • 1997: Tuya
  • 1998: Robame Un Beso - Producido por Joan Sebastian
  • 1998: Graciela Beltrán con Banda – Grandes y Nuevos Exitos
  • 1998: Navida Para Mi Pueblo - Junto con otros artistas
  • 1999: La Reina Del Pueblo
  • 2001: Para Mi Pueblo
  • 2001: Esto Es Lo Nuestro
  • 2002: A Los Grandes
  • 2003: No Me Arrepiento De Nada
  • 2003: Graciela Beltrán – La Historia - Incluye 10 Videos
  • 2004: Mi Otro Sentimiento
  • 2005: Tuya
  • 2006: Rancherisimas con Banda
  • 2007: Mujeres Bravas
  • 2007: Promesas No
  • 2008: Una Reina En Hollywood
  • 2009: La Reina De La Banda
  • 2014: Homenaje A La Voz Ranchera


  • 1990 Ni Parientes Somos as Herself
  • 1991 El Corrido De Los Perez as Herself
  • 1994 La Reina de las Bandas as Herself
  • 1994 La Quebradita as Herself
  • 2014 Tongue Tied" as Marielena


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