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Origin Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Genres Hardcore punk
Melodic hardcore
Years active 1993–2002
Labels Victory Records
Associated acts The Black Maria
Saint Alvia
To The Lions
The Swarm
Jonathan Thomas
Members Kyle Bishop
Matt Jones
Shawn Magill
Greg Taylor
Matt Richmond
Past members Chris Danner
Brad Casarin
Charlie Moniz
Kevin Harris
Kent Abbott

Grade is a Canadian hardcore/emo group. Grade's first release was the Grade/Believe split which was released in 1994 on a small Canadian label - Workshop Records. And Such Is Progress followed in 1997 and Separate the Magnets was released in 1998, earning them critical praise and high profile touring slots with groups such as Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music and Fugazi. In 1999, they signed with Victory Records and released an EP, Triumph and Tragedy. Later that same year they released a full length album, Under the Radar. In 2000, they released The Embarrassing Beginning, a collection of their older works, as well as rarities. In 2001, original guitarist Greg Taylor left to pursue Jersey full-time, and was replaced with Brad Casarin. Chris Danner subsequently left, with Charlie Moniz joining for the release of the album Headfirst Straight to Hell. In their final incarnation, only Kyle Bishop remained, backed by members of the group Somehow Hollow. The band broke up in 2002.

In 2008, Alternative Press named Grade as a group of significant interest in its profile of "23 Bands who Shaped Punk, preceding that, and since Grade have set their place in Hardcore's hall of fame as the forerunners to many bands who embraced their style of melodic driving hardcore with singing and screaming vocals.

On July 1, 2009, they announced "On July 6th we're starting to record a couple of new songs for the At Both Ends Magazine final issue double 7" comp with our old friends from Bane. Shawn, Greg, Kyle and I have been jamming with our good friend Matt Richmond (from the Video Dead and Saint Alvia) for a little while now. What started out as getting together to jam for fun has produced some pretty awesome new songs and we can't wait to get in the studio and see what we can do with them. No plans for reunion tours or albums or any of that stuff right now, we're just having a good time playing together again and we'll see where it goes from here. "

On June 16, 2012, Grade announced plans to perform a reunion show on September 1 at the Guelph Concert Theatre in Guelph, Ontario.

On May 19, 2013, they played in Montreal, Quebec during the Pouzza Fest, closing for New Found Glory.[1]




Split Albums[edit]

  • Grade/Believe Split (1994 Workshop Records)
  • Grade/Incision (1999 Workshop Records)
  • Grade/Bane Split (2010 At Both Ends Magazine)


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