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OriginBurlington, Ontario, Canada
GenresHardcore punk
Melodic hardcore
Years active1993–2002
LabelsVictory Records
MembersKyle Bishop
Matt Jones
Shawn Magill
Greg Taylor
Matt Richmond
Past membersChris Danner
Brad Casarin
Charlie Moniz
Kevin Harris
Kent Abbott

Grade is a melodic hardcore band from Canada, often credited as pioneers in blending metallic hardcore with the hon and melody of emo,[1] and - most notably - the alternating screaming/singing style later popularized by bands like Poison the Well and Hawthorne Heights.[2] Formed in 1993, Grade found inspiration in the hardcore bands Integrity and Chokehold. By 1995, however, they had discovered Indian Summer and Rye Coalition and began developing the sound and style for which they'd become known.[3]


Though And Such Is Progress would eventually be hailed as a "landmark album,"[4] it wasn't until 1997, when Grade released Separate the Magnets and toured with Hot Water Music, that they began to develop a following.[5]

In 1999, Grade signed with Victory Records and released Under the Radar, the album for which they'd become best-known. Under the Radar spawned two singles, the videos for which received some play on MTV2 in 1999 and 2000.

In 2001, Grade released their fourth and final full-length album, before disbanding approximately one year later.[6]

Since their break-up, Grade have reunited several times, beginning with a 2006 show in Toronto.[7] In 2010, they wrote and recorded two new songs for a split 7-inch with Bane.[8] In 2013, Grade performed at Pouzza Fest in Montreal.[9] In 2014, they toured the northeastern U.S. with Ensign.


When asked by Noisey in 2014 if he ever felt bitter for a lack of recognition, singer Kyle Bishop stated, "There’s a lot of accolades that people give us for supposedly starting something and I think that’s all bullshit to be honest with you. I think that there’s a billion bands that were doing similar things before us and after that deserve just as much credit. And if we do get some credit by certain people, awesome. If we don't, it doesn’t really matter because I really don’t think it’s true anyways."[10]




  • Grade (1996, Wheatfield Press Records)
  • Triumph & Tragedy (1999, Victory Records)
  • Collapsed Lungs (2014, Dine Alone Records)

Split Albums[edit]

  • Split 7-inch with Believe (1994, Workshop Records)
  • Split 7-inch with Incision (1999, Workshop Records)
  • Split 7-inch with Bane (2010, At Both Ends Magazine)


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