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Gradište Monastery

Coordinates: 42°12′08″N 18°57′50″E / 42.2022°N 18.9638°E / 42.2022; 18.9638
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Gradište Monastery

Gradište Monastery is in Buljarica, Montenegro,[1][2] not far from Petrovac na moru.[3] Like Reževići Monastery,Gradište was originally a medieval inn of the old Serbian Empire. It also was affiliated with Kosovo's Visoki Dečani Monastery. Founded in 1116, Gradište was mentioned in a document from the time of King Milutin in 1307. The monastery's three churches are St. Nicholas', built in 1610; the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, whose frescoes date from 1620s; and Saint Sava's, both the former built in 1855 and the latter built in the early 1500s.[4][5]


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42°12′08″N 18°57′50″E / 42.2022°N 18.9638°E / 42.2022; 18.9638