Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy

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Hitotsubashi University
Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS)
一橋大学大学院 国際企業戦略研究科
Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy logo.png
Type Public
Established 1998
Dean Kazuo Ichijo
Academic staff
Undergraduates No
Postgraduates ~130
Location Tokyo, Japan
Campus Urban

The Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (大学院 国際企業戦略研究科, Daigakuin Kokusai Kigyō Senryaku Kenkyūka?), also known by an acronym ICS, is the graduate business school of Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. It is also referred to as "Hitotsubashi ICS". ICS is the first "professional graduate school" (formerly "specialized graduate school") established in Japan. The school was founded by Harvard Business School professor Hirotaka Takeuchi, its first dean, in 1998, and admitted students in 2000.

ICS is housed in the National Center of Sciences and located at Chiyoda Campus, the birthplace of Hitotsubashi University, Chiyoda, Tokyo.


ICS has seven separate programs: International Business Strategy (MBA and DBA), Executive MBA, Financial Strategy (MBA & Ph.D.), and Business Law (MA & Ph.D.).

International Business Strategy - MBA Program[edit]

It is the first full-time MBA program offered by a Japanese national university taught entirely in English. Students can apply for either a one year program or a two year program. The two year program provides opportunities for internships and exchange programs. The school enrolls approximately 50 full-time MBA students per year. Each year the student with the highest academic performance is awarded The Dean's Award.

This MBA program is at the heart of Hitotsubashi ICS and the term 'ICS MBA' or similar is often inferred to mean the International Business Strategy MBA Program.

International Business Strategy - DBA Program[edit]

The school offers a flexible DBA degree, which is completed over three years or more and can be undertaken in parallel with employment.

Executive MBA Program[edit]

From 2017 ICS will offer an EMBA Program option.[1]

Financial Strategy[edit]

The school offers a part-time MBA degree, which is completed in two years. The program is taught in Japanese. The school enrolls approximately 40 part-time MBA students per year. There is also a Ph.D. option.

Business Law[edit]

The two-year law program is taught in Japanese. The school enrolls about 30 students per year. There is also a Ph.D. option.

Corporate Education[edit]

The school offers flexible corporate education packages to domestic and international business, and also facilitates and runs Japan based education programs for non-Japanese global business schools and other educational institutes.

Teaching Staff[edit]

Porter Prize[edit]

The Porter Prize was established to bestow recognition on Japanese companies that have achieved and maintained superior profitability in a particular industry by implementing unique strategies based on innovations in products, processes, and ways of managing. The name of the award is derived from Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University, a leading authority on strategy with a longstanding interest in Japan.

Professor Porter's relationship with Hitotsubashi University dates back to the early 1980s, when he conducted joint research on Japan with a Hitotsubashi team as part of a larger study, which was published in Professor Porter's 1990 book, "The Competitive Advantage of Nations". Professor Porter's book, "Can Japan Compete?", which also involved joint research with Hitotsubashi, challenges long-held views about the sources of Japan's economic miracle and offers a new approach to competing based on strategy as the path for the future. The book, which was selected as one of the top three non-fiction books of 2000 by The Economist, was co-authored by Hirotaka Takeuchi of Hitotsubashi University.

Professor Porter has had a relationship with Hitotsubashi University for almost 20 years. He was invited to be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of its newly established Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) in 2000. The Professor made two trips to Tokyo on behalf of Hitotsubashi University that year, once in April at the opening of ICS' evening programs taught in Japanese and in October at the opening of its day-time programs taught entirely in English.

Professor Porter has donated his time for these speeches and for many other joint efforts over the years. The Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy at Hitotsubashi University proposed to establish a new prize in appreciation of Professor Porter's generosity and in support of his lifelong dedication to the development of the theory and practice of competitive strategy.

Alliances and Partnerships[edit]

BEST Alliance[edit]

Hitotsubashi ICS is one of the three founding member institutions of the BEST Alliance program (BEST = BEijing, Seoul, Tokyo), which is sponsored by the governments of China, South Korea and Japan to encourage trilateral exchange of students and increased cooperation in higher education in East Asia. The BEST Alliance grant will support activities associated with the BEST Business School Alliance between Hitotsubashi ICS, Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management and Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Business. The students who participate in the double degree program will spend their 1st year in their home institution, and 2nd year in the host institution (6 months in the case of SNU). Upon completion, the students will receive an MBA degree from both institutions.

Global Network for Advanced Management[edit]

Hitotsubashi ICS is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), which is a collaboration of graduate schools of business that seeks to foster intellectual ties among business schools, students and deans. The network's membership includes following graduate management schools:

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