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Michael Grae Worster (born 16 July 1958) is a British fluid dynamicist at the University of Cambridge. He is a professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.[1] Since 2007, he has been the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.[2] He is also an associate faculty member of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.[3] In 2006, he was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society[4] and of the European Mechanics Society.


In 1979, he obtained a B.A. from the University of Cambridge, where he then continued his studies, completing his Ph.D. there in 1983 under the supervision of Herbert Huppert.[5]

History of Employment[6][edit]

1983–1989: Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK.

1983–1985: Instructor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

1989–1992: Assistant Professor, Northwestern University, USA.

1992–2000: Assistant Director of Research, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK.

2000–2001: Senior Lecturer, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK.

2001–2004: Reader, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK.

2004–present: Professor, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK.


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