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Graeae Theatre Company is a British organisation composed of artists and managers with physical and sensory disabilities. It was founded in 1980 by Nabil Shaban and Richard Tomlinson and named after the Graeae of Greek mythology. In 1981 the Company was offered the use of an office, rehearsal space and facilities for 18 months by the West End Centre, an Arts Centre in Aldershot in Hampshire. During that year, the Company became eligible to receive full funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain.[1]

In 1984 the Graeae Theatre Company won a Special Award in the Evening Standard Awards.

Today Graeae (pronounced "grey-eye") performs on national and sometimes international tours. Its current artistic director is Jenny Sealey MBE.


Actors who have appeared with the company include Mat Fraser, Laurence Clark and Nabil Shaban. Graeae has performed plays by Glyn Cannon and Sam Boardman-Jacobs.


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