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Graeme Maxton
Graeme Maxton 2016Batumi.png
Graeme Maxton at 8th Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference 9 June 2016, Batumi, Georgia
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
OccupationEconomist and writer

Graeme Maxton is a British climate change economist and writer. He is the author, or co-author, of seven books on climate change, the economic system and the automotive industry.


Maxton was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently lives in Asia. Until 2018, he was the Secretary General of the Club of Rome based in Switzerland. He was previously regional director of the Economist Intelligence Unit in Asia, worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, Citigroup and American Express and was a visiting professor at Cass Business School between 1988 and 2002.


Maxton is the co-author with Dr Bernice Maxton-Lee of A Chicken can’t lay a Duck Egg: How COVID-19 can solve the climate crisis, (Changemakers Books 2020) and of Globaler Klimanotstand: Warum unser demokratisches System an seine Grenzen stößt (Komplett-Media 2020). Both books examine the causes of society's failure to respond to climate change and propose radical solutions to bring the pace of global warming under control. Maren Urner and Felix Austen were guest authors of the German book, which has also been published in Slovak. Maxton is also the author of the German best-seller Change! Warum wir eine radikale Wende brauchen.[1] The book examines the link between the economic system and climate change and has also been published in English and Slovak.

Maxton is the co-author with Jorgen Randers of Reinventing Prosperity.[2] The book has been published in German (" Ein Prozent ist genug", oekom 2016), Italian and Ukrainian.

Maxton is the sole author of The End of Progress, How Modern Economics Has Failed Us[3] which was nominated for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award. The book has been translated into Chinese,[4] Czech, Romanian and German (Die Wachstumslüge), where it became a Spiegel top-20[5] best seller.

Maxton's books on the automotive industry, co-written with Dr John Wormald, include Time for a Model Change,[6] which was Cambridge University Press's Feature Book of the Year in 2004 and Driving Over a Cliff,[7] also nominated for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award.

Maxton is a regular contributor to the South China Morning Post and a number of other online and print publications.[8]


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