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For the deregistered doctor, see Graeme Stephen Reeves.

The New Zealand politician Graeme Reeves (born 1947), a former member of the New Zealand National Party, represented Miramar in Parliament from 1990 to 1993, when he was defeated by Annette King of the Labour Party.

Member of Parliament[edit]

Parliament of New Zealand
Years Term Electorate Party
1990–1993 43rd Miramar National

Reeves, who was formerly a solicitor, and five other one-term National MPs entered Parliament in a swing against Labour in the 1990 election. He failed to re-enter Parliament as a list candidate in the Tukituki electorate in the 1996 election.[1] Since then, he has stood several times for the United Future New Zealand party. In the 2008 election he filled the number 4 slot in the United Future list and stood as a United Future electorate candidate for Wairarapa.

Post-parliamentary career[edit]

Reeves was appointed to the New Zealand Gambling Commission in June 2004.[2] In December 2010 he was appointed as Chief Gambling Commissioner.[3] He was reappointed as chair for a further three years in July 2012.[4]


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