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Graham & James LLP is a now-defunct law firm. It was founded as Graham & Morse by Chalmers Graham and Clarence Morse in San Francisco in 1934. Morse left the firm to become chair of the Federal Maritime Commission,[1] and Leonard James, a maritime lawyer who had become friends with Graham and Morse while working for the War Shipping Administration during World War II, became a name partner.[2] The firm was originally a small firm focused on the maritime industry.[3]

The firm was active in Asia as early as the 1950s, when it sent one of its lawyers to Tokyo.[3] It formed a strategic alliance with the Deacons law firm in Hong Kong and the Price Sanond law firm in Bangkok, operating in Asia under the collective name "Deacons Graham & James."[4]

With the bulk of its practice focused on the Pacific Rim, Graham & James was severely affected by the Asian economic crisis of the 1990s. By then, it was primarily an intellectual property and technology firm, with California and Asian offices.[5] Graham & James attempted to merge with the New York firm of Reid & Priest in 1991,[6] and also had a partnership with the Seattle law firm of Riddell Williams from 1995 to 1999.[7] As of June 1999 it had around 340 attorneys.[1] The alliance with Deacons dissolved in June 2000, with Deacons backing out due to G&J's failure to commit resources to Asia and dwindling position in US law firm rankings.[8]

In June 2000, it effected two transactions. Reflecting internal divisions among its partners and affiliates, most partners in the California, Tokyo and Beijing offices of the firm merged with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey,[9] while the New York office, largely devoted to pharmaceutical patent prosecution, merged with Greenberg Traurig.[5][10]


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