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Graham Bendel is a British writer and filmmaker. He has written for The Big Issue, New Statesman,[1] Hotdog and Prospect.[2]

In 2005, he directed the documentary Billy Childish Is Dead, which was nominated for a British Independent Film Award and has been shown in Oslo, Montreal, Croatia, London and New York.[citation needed]

He is the editor of two volumes of Poems For The Retired Nihilist, published by Fortune Teller Press. It was featured on "the must list" of The Guardian on 2 September 2005.[3]

His debut novel is called A Nasty Piece Of Work, published by Fortune Teller Press. A Nasty Piece Of Work - "a quirky and highly original psychological thriller" - was published in a small initial quantity, featuring the artwork of writer Clive Barker.

Bendel has been described by Dazed and Confused as both "multi-talented" & a "creative crackerjack" and has recently finished an independent documentary about Vic Godard and Subway Sect called Derailed Sense(featuring appearances from Luke Haines and Irvine Welsh).{{}}

His current novel, published by Fortune Teller Press in 2015, is called Dress Rehearsal Brags: an a-z of unpopular culture. It is an encyclopedic examination of an everyman's life, traversing the 80s and 90s and including many instances of 'alternative culture'.


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