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Coronation Street is a British soap opera, initially produced by Granada Television. Created by writer Tony Warren, Coronation Street first broadcast on ITV on 9 December 1960. The following is a list of characters introduced in the show's third year, by order of first appearance.

For the majority of the first half of 1962, Coronation Street was caught up in the midst of a strike by the actors' union Equity, which began in November 1961 and meant members could not sign new contracts for the duration. As a result, the show was forced to rely on just fourteen regular cast members for five months, as those actors had previously signed year-long contracts, a rarity in television at the time. The strike caused regulars such as Emily Nugent (Eileen Derbyshire), Leonard Swindley (Arthur Lowe) and, later, Dennis Tanner (Philip Lowrie) to disappear from screens and no new characters were introduced until the strike ended in April.[1]

Series producer Derek Granger departed the show in April, and was replaced by H.V. Kershaw in his first of eight separate stints in the role over the next ten years. With the strike over, most of the cast lost at the end of 1961 returned to their respective roles, and in July Kershaw introduced kind-hearted young builder Jerry Booth, played by Graham Haberfield. Jerry would become a major character for the next thirteen years until Haberfield's sudden death in 1975. August saw the Street's second birth as Christopher Hewitt was born to parents Concepta and Harry, and long-term recurring character Dave Smith made his first appearance in September.

Philippa Scopes[edit]

Philippa Scopes
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byJacqueline Jones
First appearance14 May 1962
Episode 148
Last appearance30 May 1962
Episode 153
ClassificationFormer; guest
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw

Philippa Scopes is the glamorous girlfriend of Billy Walker. Billy's mother Annie takes an instant dislike to the leggy blonde, and her presence certainly catches the eye of many of the male regulars. An aspiring actress, Philippa refuses to give up her luxurious lifestyle for Billy, and ends the relationship before heading back to London.

Colin Appleby[edit]

Colin Appleby
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byLawrence James
First appearance13 June 1962
Episode 157
Last appearance20 June 1962
Episode 159
ClassificationFormer; guest
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw
In-universe information
FatherEdward Appleby
WifeChristine Hardman (1962)

Colin Appleby is introduced in June as an old boyfriend of Christine Hardman's whom she bumped into while on a night out with Sheila Birtles. The chance encounter leads to a whirlwind romance and Colin and Christine are wed only days later on 20 June 1962. They leave for London that night, but in October Christine returns alone — Colin having sadly been killed in a car accident, leaving her a widow in only her twenties.

Phyllis Gregory[edit]

Phyllis Gregory
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byMary Quinn
Appears on11 July 1962
Episode 165
ClassificationFormer; guest
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw
In-universe information
HusbandBill Gregory

Phyllis Gregory is the wife of Bill Gregory who appeared seeking a reconciliation with him, causing complications for Bill and his lover Elsie Tanner. Bill was forced to choose between the two women, and he waited for a sign from Elsie to tell him to end his marriage. When none came, Bill agreed to try again with Phyllis and they left the Street together. By 1970, Phyllis had died, and although it took them 22 years, Bill and Elsie did end up together.

Jerry Booth[edit]

Jerry Booth
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byGraham Haberfield
Duration1962–1968, 1971–1975
First appearance23 July 1962
Episode 168
Last appearance29 October 1975
Episode 1543
ClassificationFormer; regular
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw
In-universe information
FatherErnest Booth
MotherNellie Booth
WifeMyra Dickenson (1963–68)
UnclesSam Leach
AuntsMaureen Leach

Gerald William "Jerry" Booth is played by Graham Haberfield. Jerry is introduced in July 1962 as Len Fairclough's new apprentice at the builder's yard, and the men soon become firm friends. Initially, Jerry pursues and falls for Sheila Birtles but Sheila becomes infatuated with her new boss Neil Crossley the next year and forgets about Jerry. Although they briefly split, Neil and Sheila later go on to marry after leaving the street.

Jerry meets Myra Dickenson in 1963. Not long after getting together, Myra pushes Jerry into proposing and Jerry went along with her plans. Jerry and Myra marry in October 1963, only a couple of months after meeting, and move into number thirteen after their honeymoon. However, with Myra playing housewife and overspending on luxuries, they find they can not survive on just Jerry's income and the bills start to pile up. The message eventually reached Myra of the trouble they were in and she broke down. Myra organised with her parents that the couple would move in with them until they can sort out their finances. The Booths left Weatherfield in May 1964.

Jerry returns in February 1965, having split from Myra. He revealed that Myra was pregnant when they left but their baby girl was stillborn and the devastation drove them apart. In 1966, Jerry almost finds happiness again when former flame Sheila returns to the area but is put off when he learns of Sheila and Neil's life together and of their son Danny. In 1968, Myra returns in hope of a reconciliation but Jerry is adamant he has moved on, and continues divorce proceedings as Myra returns to her parents'. Jerry eventually becomes a partner in Len's building company but ends the partnership when he unexpectedly left for a fresh start after being best man at Dennis Tanner's wedding. Jerry returns in 1971 and Len offers him his old job back. Jerry eventually moves in with Len and Ray Langton to help keep the house in order.

Mavis Riley enters Jerry's life in 1973, and they become good friends. Jerry and Mavis develop feelings for each other but they are both too shy to admit it and the timing is never quite right. The blossoming romance comes to an abrupt end when tragedy strikes. Jerry dies suddenly of a heart attack in November 1975 aged just thirty-four, due to the real-life sudden death of actor Graham Haberfield, who had played Jerry for thirteen years. Jerry's friends and neighbours are left in a state of shock and sadness.

Sam Leach[edit]

Sam Leach
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byFrank Atkinson
First appearance6 August 1962
Episode 172
Last appearance5 September 1962
Episode 181
ClassificationFormer; guest
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw
In-universe information
SistersNellie Booth
WifeMaureen Leach
NephewsJerry Booth

Sam Leach is Jerry Booth's uncle who turns up from Newcastle, and soon gets a job as potman in the Rovers. Jack provides him with a bed at the Rovers, but Sam's appearance puzzles Jerry who wonders why he's left his aunt. He impresses the locals with his acts of charity until the police turn up looking for him. The locals speculate on the reasons why, believing he may have killed his wife Maureen. In fact he is only wanted for deserting her, and returns home.

Christopher Hewitt[edit]

Christopher Hewitt
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byStephen Ward
First appearance6 August 1962
Episode 172
Last appearance19 August 1964
Episode 385
ClassificationFormer; recurring
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw
Book appearancesCoronation Street: The Complete Saga
In-universe information
FatherHarry Hewitt
MotherConcepta Hewitt
Half-sistersLucille Hewitt

Christopher Hewitt is the child born to Harry and Concepta Hewitt in 1962, played by child actor Stephen Ward. His mother's pregnancy causes a stir in the Street as most believe Concepta, at 34 years of age, is too old to have a baby. However, his birth comes as a joy to everyone. To mark the Hewitt's first wedding anniversary, they throw a party in the Rovers to celebrate but the celebrations are cut short when Christopher is abducted from outside Swindley's shop. Three days later Elsie Tanner bumps into one of her daughter Linda's school friends Joan Akers and was surprised to find her with a baby. Recognizing the child as Christopher, Elsie rings the police. Joan is arrested and Christopher is returned safely. The Hewitt family, minus Lucille, leave the Street in 1964.

Dave Smith[edit]

Dave Smith
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byReginald Marsh
Duration1962, 1966–1971, 1976
First appearance17 September 1962
Episode 184
Last appearance28 January 1976
Episode 1569
ClassificationFormer; recurring
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw (1962, 1967, 1969, 1970)
Peter Eckersley (1966)
Richard Doubleday (1968)
John Finch (1969)
Leslie Duxbury (1971)
Susi Hush (1976)
In-universe information
WifeLillian Smith

Dave Smith is a bookmaker and small-town businessman played by actor Reginald Marsh on a recurring basis between 1962 and 1976. Dave is introduced as owner of the local bookies when he appears for two episodes in September 1962. Dave is immediately interested in Elsie Tanner and he invites her to go on holiday with him. Elsie returns a couple of weeks later, having got bored of Dave's company.

Dave returned in 1966 and made sporadic appearances for the next ten years. He made his final appearance in 1976, leaving Weatherfield to go to Kenilworth with Blanche Hunt, an old flame to run a country club.

Joan Akers[edit]

Joan Akers
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byAnna Cropper
First appearance1 October 1962
Episode 188
Last appearance10 October 1962
Episode 191
ClassificationFormer; guest
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw

Joan Akers was a school friend of Linda Cheveski's who abducted Christopher Hewitt. Joan's baby died a year before and after Christopher was returned to his mother, she begged her forgiveness but Concepta refused.

Susan Schofield[edit]

Susan Schofield
Coronation Street character
Portrayed byAnn Mitton
First appearance5 November 1962
Episode 198
Last appearance14 November 1962
Episode 201
ClassificationFormer; guest
Created byHarry Driver
Introduced byH.V. Kershaw
In-universe information
FatherJim Schofield
MotherMay Schofield

Susan Schofield was a pupil of Bessie Street School where Albert Tatlock served as a lollipop man. Albert grew concerned with Susan when he noticed she was frequently covered in bruises, and befriended her. When asked about her home life, Susan broke down and admitted that her father was violent. Following a visit to Susan's house by Albert, her father Jim threatened him, but Albert refused to back down. With the support of the men of Coronation Street, they made their own threat to Jim to call the police if the violence continued. Two years later, in 1964, Susan was knocked down and killed by a lorry on Rosamund Street.


Character Date(s) Episode(s) Actor Circumstances
Billy Makin 30 April – 2 May 144–145 Jimmy Ogden A young boy who was meeting with his gang of friends in the empty number nine, until he is caught by Len Fairclough.
Matilda Grimshaw 28–30 May 152–153 Marion Dawson A lady from another 'Coronation Street' in Weatherfield, who comes to defend her street when she hears seven of the eight streets in the area are to be renamed. Matilda starts an argument with Ena Sharples when she tells her that her street is the one to remain, to which Ena refuses to back down. Matilda eventually leaves having lost the argument, and Ena is applauded by her friends and neighbours.
Geoffrey Simpson 6 August
5 November
172; 198 Stephen Cartwright An old friend of Ken Barlow's, they bump into each other while out and bore Ken's wife Val rigid as they talk for so long about subjects she does not understand. Ken invites Geoffrey and his girlfriend Sandra to dinner a few months later. Val is again stuck for anything to say.
Ted Young 15 August 175 Eric Nicholson A neighbour of Sam Leach's from Newcastle. He starts the locals speculating about Sam's situation at home when he reveals that Sam's wife is a nag, joking that perhaps Sam killed her.
DS Swann 22 August 177 Gordon Fairclough A policeman who comes looking for Sam Leach when his wife Maureen reports him as missing.
Woman 12 September 183 Kitty Attwood An unnamed regular at the Flying Horse.
PC Rose 3 October – 19 November 189–202 Stanley Walsh A policeman who discovered Christopher Hewitt empty pram abandoned by Joan Akers. He also investigated the theft of Jerry Booth's wash basins, which he bought in bulk.
Mrs Webb 8–10 October 190–191 Jean Alexander Joan Akers's landlady, who answered questions from police when Joan was suspected of abducting Christopher Hewitt.
Mr Spinks 29 October – 28 November 196–205 Stephen Hancock Leonard Swindley's agent when he runs for the local council elections. Mr Spinks helps Swindley canvas for votes, but Swindley ultimately loses.
Edward Appleby 29–31 October 196–197 Fred Ferris Colin Appleby's father, who comes to Weatherfield to try to convince his daughter-in-law Christine Appleby to return with them to live. A dejected Christine refuses, and Mr Appleby has to explain to her friends and neighbours why she has come back — Colin is dead.
Heckler 31 October 197 Reg Passingham A heckler at a pre-election meeting held by Leonard Swindley and Mr Spinks.
Sandra 5 November 198 Anne Lloyd The girlfriend of Geoffrey Simpson, whom he took to dinner at the Barlows.
Workman 12 November 200 Geoffrey Reed A workman hired to dig up the street to lay a telephone cable.
Jim Schofield 12–14 November 200–201 Richard Butler Alcoholic father of Susan Schofield, who Albert Tatlock discovered had been beating her. Albert warned Jim off, and the violence stopped.
May Schofield 12–14 November 200–201 Margery Mason Wife of Jim Schofield and mother to Susan.
Tom Russell 3 December 206 Geoffrey Brightman
Mrs Birtles 3–5 December
28 January 1963
206–207; 222 Sheila Raynor Parents of Sheila Birtles, they come to Weatherfield to ask Sheila to return with them.
Mr Birtles 5 December
28 January 1963
207; 222 John Comer


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