Graham Manley

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Graham Manley
Photo of comic artist Graham Manley.jpg
Graham Manley
Born 6 September 1946
Bournemouth, England
Nationality British
Area(s) Artist
Notable works
Judge Dredd

Graham Manley is a British comic artist.


Graham Manley has worked for a wide range of British comics, and is credited by Tony O'Donnell as inspiring the creation of Near Myths.[1]

He has drawn episodes of Juliet November and Whatever happened to...? for the Judge Dredd Megazine. He also co-created (with writer Pat Mills) the character Rick Fortune for Diceman comic.

He has also contributed to several volumes of The Big Book of collection for the DC imprint Paradox Press. Manley has produced full colour SF and fantasy comics in The Dandy Annual for several years.

Manley worked on the opening titles of the feature film 'Electric Man' where his original drawings of the character were animated into an impressive opening sequence.




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