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Graham F. Reed (1923–1989) was a Canadian psychologist.

Reed was born and educated in England, and earned a PhD in psychology from Manchester University in 1966. He moved to Canada in 1969 and joined the Psychology Department at Atkinson College, York University. He also served as dean of Graduate Studies (1973-1981), chair of the Department of Psychology, Glendon College (1982-1988), and was made a University Professor in 1984.[1]

He is best known for his major work on anomalistic psychology entitled The Psychology of Anomalous Experience (1972) which received positive reviews.[2]



  • Obsessional Experience and Compulsive Behaviour (1985)
  • The Psychology of Anomalous Experience (1972)


  • Fisher's Creek (1963)
  • Walks in Waziristan (2010)


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