Grahams Island

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Grahams Island
Location Devil's Lake
United States

Grahams Island is an island in Devil's Lake, a lake just outside the city of Devils Lake, North Dakota, which covers approximately 9 sq mi (23 km2).

People live on the island year-round, although the population increases during the warmer months. The island has one school. The North and Central parts of the island are farms, with dense forest in the South and Southwest.

Grahams Island State Park (part of Devils Lake State Park) is in the Southeast. The park, covering 1,122 acres (4.54 km2), is a recreation area for boating, fishing, and camping.

Most of the island lies in the unorganized territory of Lallie North, in Benson County, while its easternmost portion lies in Poplar Grove Township, in Ramsey County.

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Coordinates: 48°03′14″N 99°05′48″W / 48.05389°N 99.09667°W / 48.05389; -99.09667