Stalking the Nightmare

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Stalking the Nightmare
First edition
Author Harlan Ellison
Cover artist Jane Mackenzie
Country United States
Language English
Genre short stories
Publisher Phantasia Press
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 332
ISBN 0-932096-16-6
OCLC 8825918
813/.54 19
LC Class PS3555.L62 S7 1982

Stalking the Nightmare is a 1982 collection of short stories and nonfiction pieces by Harlan Ellison. The short stories are interspersed with "Scenes from the Real World" sections, which are essays on a variety of topics. Although most of the stories had not previously appeared in any of Ellison's books, four of them were taken from his out of print 1970 collection Over the Edge.

The story "Djinn, No Chaser" was later adapted by Haskell Barkin into an episode of the 1980s television series Tales from the Darkside with the same title.


  • Foreword by Stephen King
  • "Introduction: Quiet Lies the Locust Tells"
  • "Grail"
  • "The Outpost Undiscovered By Tourists"
  • "Blank..."
  • Scenes From the Real World: I - The 3 Most Important Things In Life
  • "Visionary" (written with Joe L. Hensley)
  • "Djinn, No Chaser"
  • "Invasion Footnote"
  • Scenes From the Real World: II - Saturn, November 11
  • "Night of Black Glass"
  • "Final Trophy"
  • "!!!The!!Teddy!Crazy!!Show!!!"
  • "The Cheese Stands Alone"
  • Scenes From The Real World: III - "Somehow", "I Don't Think We're In Kansas", "Toto"
  • "Transcending Destiny"
  • "The Hour That Stretches"
  • "The Day I Died"
  • 3 Tales From the Mountains of Madness: "Tracking Level", "Tiny Ally", "The Goddess in the Ice"
  • Scenes From The Real World: IV - Gopher In the Gilly