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Grailknights – Wacken Roadshow 2014 01.jpg
Grailknights at Wacken Roadshow 2014
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Melodic death metal
Power metal
Viking metal
Years active 2002 (2002)–present
Associated acts Van Canto
Members Sir Optimus Prime
Count Cranium
Earl Quake
Sovereign Storm
Lord Drumcules
Past members Mac Death
Lord Lightbringer
The Duke of Drummington
Baron van der Blast

Grailknights is a melodic death metal/power metal/viking metal band from Hanover.


Grailknights, Dr. Skull, Morph & Zapf Beauty

The band was founded at the end of 2002 by musicians from Wunstorf and Hanover as Galactic Grailknights. After having played several local shows, the band released their first album which they had produced on their own, called Across the Galaxy – the word Galactic had already been dropped from the band name. Numerous concerts in Northern Germany followed. The second album Return to Castle Grailskull had already been completely recorded by then, and was released in the same year (2006). On June 24, 2008, the third record, entitled Alliance, was released.

In fall 2008, Grailknights went on a tour across Europe as support of the Swedish power metal band Sabaton.[1]

In November 2009, the Knights played their first headline tour across Europe, with the US Power Metal band Zandelle.

In spring 2010, Duke of Drumington left the band, and has been replaced by Baron van der Blast.

In December 2010, the band's first DVD Live at the Gates of Grailham City' was released.

In 2011, the band released the EP Non Omnis Moriar. The track Holding Out for a Hero is a cover song, originally by Bonnie Tyler.

In 2016, the band released the EP Dead or Alive. The track Crimson Shades of Glory contains guest vocals by 3 members from the German a cappella band Van Canto.[2]


The eternal battle of good against evil is the core of the concept of the band, which is evocative of the Masters of the Universe. The Knights, resident in Castle Grailskull, battle evil Dr. Skull. Therefore, they dress up as superheroes, including Corpsepaint. In contrast to black metal, the Grailknights use lively colours such as red (Mac Death), blue (Lord Lightbringer), green (Sir Optimus Prime) and yellow (Baron van der Blast).

With their multicolored costumes and self-deprecating appearance, the band stands out from the crowd of rather dark heavy metal bands. Nevertheless, the band uses the established clichés, such as the heroic warriors which fight dark forces – therefore, many think of the band as a heavy metal persiflage.

Their shows are staged as humorous epic battles. Evil Dr. Skull has stolen the Holy Grail from the Grailknights, which has to be reconquered by the Knights. Several side-characters appear on stage, for both parties (Beer Beauty for the Knights, Morph the swarf and Urks for Dr. Skull). The audience, which the band calls their "Battlechoir", is integrated into the show via stories and jokes. Their battle cry is "Grailknights Battlechoir", and the audience answers with "Yes Sire!".

Additionally, the band has created several stories around the plot, which can be seen at YouTube, called Grail TV.[3]


  • Sir Optimus Prime - vocals
  • Count Cranium - bass guitar
  • Earl Quake - guitar
  • Sovereign Storm - guitar, backing vocals
  • Lord Drumcules - drums
Previous members
  • Mac Death - bass guitar, vocals
  • Lord Lightbringer - guitar, backing vocals
  • The Duke of Drummington - drums
  • Baron van der Blast - drums
  • Battlechoir
  • Zapf Beauty (the beer-supplying steed)
  • Mohrrüben-Mann (German for "carrot-man")
  • Dr. Skull
  • Morph the Swarf (Dr. Skull's henchman, similar to Dr. Frankenstein's Igor)
  • Urks (a dragon)
  • Professor Pain


Studio albums
  • 2004: Across the Galaxy
  • 2006: Return to Castle Grailskull
  • 2008: Alliance
  • 2014: Calling the Choir
  • 2010: Live at the Gates of Grailham City
Singles & EP's
  • 2011: Non Omnis Moriar (EP)
  • 2016: Dead or Alive (EP)



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