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Gramgeeta: an epic on Indian village life is a book of poetry authored by Rashtra Saint Tukdoji Maharaj. This book is an ideal reference for developing village community.

The book has the following significant conclusions in it:

1. God cannot be found in Temples, Churches and Mosques as he is everywhere.

2. The best devotion to God is human upliftment

3. Forget the fast traditions and teach younger generation tradition that make your village proud of its achievement.

4. O'God, Your power perfection has not penetrated in us and thus ignorance prevails amongs us.

5.The touch of divine knoweledge makes one understand what is wrong and right

6. People have become weak, ignorant, dome due to belief in blind faith in God and Dharam

7. Our talent does not belong to us alone for our enjoyment it is meant for development of the village.

First edition[edit]

  • Wardha, Maharashtra : Rashtrasant Sahitya Prachar Mandal, 1979
  • Gramgeeta available in Hindi, English language.
  • Gramgeeta now available in Gujarati language also.

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he also wroyr poem 'bodhamruth' which is use for educational syllabus