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The Graminoids of Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area, located in western Baltimore County, Maryland.[1] Graminoids, within the order of Poales, include: grasses (Poaceae), sedges (Cyperaceae), rushes (Juncaceae), and cattails (Typhaceae). [2]


Much of the area of the Soldiers Delight NEA, which totals 1,900 acres (7.7 km2) of protected land, contains a serpentine barren that contains a number of rare and endangered species of plants.[3]

The Graminoids list was developed using the following publications, with authors' acronyms indicated:
[F] Fleming et al. 1995, [M] Monteferrante 1973, [R] Reed 1984, [We] Wennerstrom 1995, and the unpublished data by [Wo] Worthley 1955-1985.

List of Graminoids of the Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area[edit]

Division Magnoliophyta; Class LiliopsidaMonocotyledons; Order Poales.


Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)[edit]

  • Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) C.B. Clarke - Thread-leaf Beak-sedge[Wo]
  • Carex bicknellii Britt. - Bicknell's Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex bullata Schkuhr - Button Sedge [M, R]
  • Carex caroliniana Schwein. - Carolina Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex cephalophora Muhl. - Oval-headed Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex complanata Torr. & Hook. - Hirsute Sedge [M, R, Wo]
  • Carex convoluta Mackenzie? - [R]
  • Carex flaccosperma Dewey - Thin-fruited Sedge [R, Wo]
  • Carex hystericina Muhl. - Porcupine Sedge, Bottlebrush Sedge [R] {G5, S1, E}
  • Carex lupulina Muhl. - Hop Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex lurida Wahl. - Lurid Sedge, Sallow Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex nigromarginata Schwein. - Black-edge Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex pensylvanica Lam. - Pennsylvania Sedge [R, Wo]
  • Carex richardsonii R. Br. - Richardson's Sedge {G4, S1, E}
  • Carex rosea Schkuhr - Rosy Sedge, Stellate Sedge, Curly-Styled Wood Sedge [M, R]
  • Carex seorsa E.C. Howe - Weak Stellate Sedge [R]
  • Carex swanii (Fern.) Mackenzie - Swan's Sedge, Downy Green Sedge [Wo]
  • Carex umbellata Schk. - Parasol Sedge, Early Oak Sedge [R]
  • Cyperus esculentus L. - Yellow nutsedge [Wo]
  • Cyperus strigosus L.- Straw-colored Cyperus, Straw-colored Flat-sedge [M, R, Wo]
  • Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) Schultes - Kill Cow, Slender Spikerush [M, R, Wo]
  • Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roemer & Schultes - Blunt Spikerush, Ovate Spikerush [Wo]
  • Fimbristylis annua (All.) Roemer & Schultes - Annual Fimbry [M, R, We, Wo]
  • Fimbristylis autumnalis (L.) R. & S. - Autumn Sedge, Slender Fimbry [M, R]
  • Rhynchospora alba (L.) Vahl - White Beak-rush [M, R, Wo]
  • Scirpus atrovirens Willd. - Black Bulrush, Dark Green Bulrush [M, Wo]
  • Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth - Woolgrass [Wo]
  • Scirpus hattorianus Makino - Early Dark-green Bulrush, Mosquito Bulrush [R]
  • Schoenoplectus validus (Vahl.) A. & D. Löve - Great Bulrush, Soft-stem Bulrush [M, R]
  • Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ex Willd. - Carolina Whipgrass, Few-flower Nutrush [M, R, Wo]

Juncaceae (Rush Family)[edit]

  • Juncus acuminatus Michx. - Tapertip Rush, Sharp-fruited Rush, Knotty Leaf Rush [Wo]
  • Juncus brevicaudatus (Engelm.) Fern. - Short-tailed Rush, Narrow-panicle Rush [M] {G5, S2}
  • Juncus bufonius L. - Toad Rush [M, Wo]
  • Juncus canadensis J. Gay - Canada Rush [M, Wo]
  • Juncus dichotomus Elliott (Syn. Juncus tenuis Willd. var. dichotomus (Elliott) A. Wood) - Forked Rush [Wo]
  • Juncus dudley Wiegand (Syn. Juncus tenuis Willd. var. dudleyi (Weig.) F.J. Herm.) - Dudley's Rush [R, Wo]
  • Juncus effusus L. - Common or Soft rush [Wo]
  • Juncus secundus Beauv. - Lopsided Rush, Nodding Rush [M, R, Wo]
  • Juncus subcaudatus (Engelm.) Conv. & Blake - Tailed Rush [M, R]
  • Juncus tenuis Willd. - Path Rush, Slender rush, Poverty Rush, Field Rush [M, R, We, Wo]
  • Luzula bulbosa (Wood.) Rydb. - Bulbous Woodrush [Wo]

Poaceae (Grass Family)[edit]

Typhaceae (Cattail Family)[edit]

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