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Gramophone might refer to:

  • A phonograph, the first device for recording and replaying sound. The two names were originally those used by rival manufacturers.
  • Gramophone record, a disc shaped analogue sound recording medium
  • Gramophone (magazine), a British publication devoted to classical music
    • Gramophone Award, an award given to the best in the classical music recording industry and film, selected by the critics of Gramophone magazine.
  • Gramophone Company, a British record company, existing from 1897 to 1931
  • Gramophone Company of India, the former name of Sa Re Ga Ma, an Indian record company
  • Berliner Gramophone, incorporated by Emile Berliner in 1892 in Washington, D.C. as the United States Gramophone Company
  • Deutsche Grammophon, a German classical music record company, founded in 1898 by Emile Berliner
  • Gramaphone Records, a music store in Chicago, known as the hub of House Music in that city
  • Gramophone (film), a 2003 Indian film