Gramoz Pashko

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Gramoz Pashko
Azem Hajdari, Sali Berisha and Gramoz Pashko (12 december 1990).jpg
From right to left: Azem Hajdari, Sali Berisha and Gramoz Pashko (12 December 1990)
Member of Albanian parliament
In office
Deputy Assembly of the Republic of Albania
Personal details
Born (1955-02-11)11 February 1955
Tirana, Albania
Died 16 July 2006(2006-07-16) (aged 51)
Adriatic Sea, within Albania and Italy
Political party Democratic Party (formerly)
Domestic partner Mimoza Ruli
Children Ruben Pashko and a daughter
Alma mater University of Tirana
Profession Economist

Gramoz Pashko (11 February 1955 – 16 July 2006) was an Albanian economist and politician. He cofounded the Democratic Party of Albania in 1990. He served lately as the rector of the University of New York, Tirana. He was married to Mimoza Ruli, sister of politician Genc Ruli.

Early life and education[edit]

Gramoz Pashko was the son of Josif Pashko.[1]

He was a graduate of the University of Tirana.[2] He received a bachelor's degree in 1977, a master's degree in 1983 and a PhD in 1989, all in economics.[2]


Pashko was the cofounder of the Democratic Party that was established in 1990.[1] In 1991, he served as the deputy prime minister and minister of economy in the cabinet led by the then prime minister Ylli Bufi.[3] A few months later, he quit the positions and the Democratic Party membership to form the Democratic Alliance Party. Pashko also served as economic advisor to several left wing prime ministers.


Pashko hit his head on 16 July 2006 while diving in the sea in Himara, southern Albania.[4][5] The Bell 222 helicopter transporting him to Bari, Italy, for medical treatment crashed over the Adriatic Sea.[4] Six people died in the crash: the two pilots, an engineer, a doctor; Pashko and his son Ruben, who was traveling with him.[4][6]


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