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GramTrans is a cross-platform machine translation platform developed in cooperation between Danish GrammarSoft ApS and Norwegian Kaldera Språkteknologi AS. The translation engine is transfer-based.

GramTrans offers free web-based translation for the Scandinavian languages, based on university research in natural language processing (NLP), corpus linguistics, and lexicography.


As of September 2008, the available translations are:

Translation Text Web Page
Danish to English Yes Yes
Danish to Esperanto Yes Yes
Danish to Norwegian Yes Yes
Danish to Swedish Yes Yes
English to Danish Yes Yes
English to Esperanto Yes Yes
English to Norwegian Yes Yes
English to Swedish Yes Yes
Norwegian to Danish Yes Yes
Norwegian to English Yes Yes
Norwegian to Esperanto Yes No
Norwegian to Swedish Yes Yes
Portuguese to Danish Yes No
Portuguese to English Yes No
Portuguese to Esperanto Yes No
Swedish to Danish Yes Yes
Swedish to English Yes Yes
Swedish to Norwegian Yes Yes

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