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Granary Square fountain in 2012.

Granary Square is a large open space in the London Borough of Camden. Comparable in size to Trafalgar Square,[1] it is part of the larger King's Cross Central development. It has been cited as an example of a privately owned public space in London.[2] The new Central Saint Martins complex is adjacent.

The square incorporates a fountain consisting of 1,080 individual jets [3] rising from the flush paved surface of the plaza.[4] Each jet has its own independently-controlled pump and multi-color illumination.[5] As of March 2015, visitors to the square can interact with the fountains to play a mobile version of the Snake[6] game.

Other squares in the development will include Station Square, Pancras Square, Cubitt Square, and North Square.

View from Granary Square of ongoing development in King's Cross Central.


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