Grand Analog

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Grand Analog
Origin Winnipeg, Manitoba
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Canadian hip hop
Years active 2006 – present
Labels The Shadow Cabinet Music Group, Ferryhouse Records (de) (GER)
Members Odario Williams
Warren Bray
Ofield Williams
TJ Garcia
Aubrey McGhee

Grand Analog is a Canadian hip hop band, formed in 2006 and fronted by Odario Williams. The group was conceived as a project combining R&B, jazz, reggae and rock influences into a hip hop style performed mainly on live instruments instead of digital electronics.[1]

The group started to take shape in the early 2000s when Williams, then fronting Mood Ruff, began digging into his father's record collection and experimenting with less traditional hip hop sounds on his own time. When Mood Ruff broke up following their 2005 album I Do My Own Stunts, Williams officially launched Grand Analog, which he describes as a project designed as much for live performance as for recording,[2] as his primary band. Williams has told the press that "sonically, I knew that I wanted to dig into dub and rock and soul. I’ve always wanted to do that, but years ago I wasn’t free enough upstairs to know that I could."[1]

Williams later decided to pursue opportunities as an actor and moved to Toronto, where the group is currently based. The band released their first album, Calligraffiti, in 2007. A follow-up album, titled Metropolis Is Burning,[3] was released on May 26, 2009.[4]

Grand Analog won two Western Canadian Music Awards for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Recording in 2009 for Touch Your Toes EP and 2010 for Metropolis Is Burning.[5]

The band's third album, Modern Thunder, was released in Canada on August 20, 2013.[6] Modern Thunder was also released in various European countries on German label Ferryhouse Records; and released in the U.S. on Brooklyn label Feel Up Records. [7]


  • Calligraffiti (2007)
  • Metropolis Is Burning (2009)
  • Modern Thunder (2013)
  • Roll Dub Soul Rap (2015)


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