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The Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic is an Australian dirt Sprint car racing meet that takes place at the Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway in Warnambool, Victoria every year in late January.[1] The classic traditionally takes place one week before the Australian Sprintcar Championship.

The event was first run in 1973 and was won by Ian "Zeke" Agars from Adelaide driving a Straight-six Holden powered Super Modified to victory in the 40 lap final.

Sydney racer, ten time Australian champion Garry Rush, has the best record in the event claiming seven victories. During the 1980s and early 1990s Rush had a rivalry with American driver Danny Smith who won the Classic six times during roughly the same period.

Because of its mid-summer date, when the North American season has not started, drivers from the United States will often arrive to race in the December and January races on the Australian sprintcar tours. Drivers from the USA have won 15 of the 40 Classics run since 1973, including victories from World of Outlaws championship drivers Danny Lasoski and Donny Schatz. As with the Australian Championship, drivers from New South Wales have dominated the event with 18 wins. The home state of Victoria had to wait until the 20th running of the event to have a home winner with Warnambool's own Max Dumesny winning in 1992.

The race is regarded as the largest car count in sprint car racing. In the 2015 meeting, 107 cars participated, compared to the previous August's Knoxville Nationals, where 105 cars were entered.[2]

Winners Since 1973[edit]

Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1973 Zeke Agars (SA) Gerry Clarke (Tas) Allan Jones (SA)
1974 Bill Wigzell (SA) Kevin Yeoman (Vic) Don Pollock
1975 Syd Hopping (NSW) Graham McCubbin (Vic) Bill Wigzell (SA)
1976 Garry Rush (NSW) Bob Aylesbury (SA) Steve Brazier (NSW)
1977 Garry Rush (NSW) Steve Brazier (NSW) Jimmy Sills (United States)
1978 Jimmy Sills (United States) Les Harrower (Vic) Steve Brazier (NSW)
1979 Garry Rush (NSW) Graeme McCubbin (Vic) Steve Brazier (NSW)
Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1980 Garry Rush (NSW) Steve Brazier (NSW) Graeme McCubbin (Vic)
1981 Jac Haudenschild (United States) Bill Barrows (SA) Noel Bradford (WA)
1982 Jac Haudenschild (United States) Garry Rush (NSW) Brett Lacey (Vic)
1983 Danny Smith (United States) Garry Rush (NSW) Jack Hewitt (United States)
1984 Garry Rush (NSW) Danny Smith (United States) Bill Barrows (SA)
1985 Danny Smith (United States) Garry Rush (NSW) Sid Moore (NSW)
1986 Garry Rush (NSW) John Walsh (NSW) Bill Barrows (SA)
1987 Danny Smith (United States) Garry Rush (NSW) Ian Lewis (Vic)
1988 Danny Smith (United States) Garry Rush (NSW) Max Dumesny (Vic)
1989 Danny Smith (United States) Max Dumesny (Vic) Phil March (SA)
Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1990 Garry Rush (NSW) Max Dumesny (Vic) George Tatnell (NSW)
1991 Jack Hewitt (United States) Danny Smith (United States) Max Dumesny (Vic)
1992 Max Dumesny (Vic) Garry Rush (NSW) Danny Smith (United States)
1993 Garry Brazier (NSW) Garry Rush (NSW) Max Dumesny (Vic)
1994 Max Dumesny (Vic) Mike Ward (United States) Garry Rush (NSW)
1995 Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Max Dumesny (Vic) Garry Brazier (NSW)
1996 Danny Smith (United States) Garry Brazier (NSW) Garry Rush (NSW)
1997 Trevor Green (SA) Skip Jackson (NSW) Garry Rush (NSW)
1998 Skip Jackson (NSW) Trevor Green (SA) Phil March (SA)
1999 Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Garry Brazier (NSW) Max Dumesny (Vic)
Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2000 Danny Lasoski (MO, United States) Chad Kemenah (OH, United States) Skip Jackson (NSW)
2001 Donny Schatz (ND, United States) Danny Smith (IN, United States) Danny Lasoski (MO, United States)
2002 Donny Schatz (ND, United States) Max Dumesny (Vic) Danny Smith (IN, United States)
2003 Joey Saldana (IN, United States) Max Dumesny (Vic) Brooke Tatnell (NSW)
2004 Max Dumesny (Vic) Kerry Madsen (NSW) Brooke Tatnell (NSW)
2005 Kerry Madsen (NSW) Shane Stewart (OK, United States) Donny Schatz (ND, United States)
2006 Abandoned after C Main due to Rain. Ben Atkinson (NT) led points after first night.
2007 Kerry Madsen (NSW) Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Shane Stewart (OK, United States)
2008 Kerry Madsen (NSW) Jason Johnson (LA, United States) Max Dumesny (VIC)
2009 Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Shane Stewart (OK, United States) Kerry Madsen (NSW)
Year Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2010 Shane Stewart (OK, United States) Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Ryan Farrell (WA)
2011 Steven Lines (SA) Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Jason Johnson (LA, United States)
2012 Ian Loudoun (NSW) Craig Dollansky (MN, United States) Kerry Madsen (NSW)
2013 Steven Lines (SA) Terry McCarl (IA, United States) Brooke Tatnell (NSW)
2014 Tim Kaeding (CA, United States) Max Dumesny (Vic) Jamie Veal (Vic)
2015 Kyle Hirst (CA, United States) Brooke Tatnell (NSW) Grant Anderson (NSW)
2016 Jamie Veal (Vic) Kerry Madsen (NSW) Robbie Farr (Qld)
2017 James McFadden (Vic)Victoria (Australia) Darren Mollenoyux (Vic)Victoria (Australia) Brooke Tatnell (NSW)New South Wales
2018 [3] Corey McCullagh (Vic)Victoria (Australia) Carson Macedo (CA, United States) Brooke Tatnell (NSW)New South Wales
2019 Robbie Farr (Qld)Queensland Jamie Veal (Vic) Victoria (Australia) Kerry Madsen (NSW)New South Wales

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