Grand Battery, Gibraltar

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Grand Battery
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
Gibraltar northern defences from Smith-Dorrien Bridge.jpg
View of Grand Battery and the Moorish Castle in 2013
Grand Battery is located in Gibraltar
Grand Battery
Grand Battery
Coordinates 36°08′43″N 5°21′08″W / 36.145402°N 5.352102°W / 36.145402; -5.352102
Type Artillery Battery
Site information
Owner Government of Gibraltar

Grand Battery is an artillery battery in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. To the west of the grand battery was a very formidable flank which was considered to have been a "great annoyance to the besiegers."[1]

The same view from 1828

Known as the Muralla de San Bernando (English: St. Bernard's Wall) during Gibraltar's Spanish period, it was fully adapted to mount cannon facing the isthmus with the old Moorish archery towers being pulled down and replaced by bastions.[2]

This battery forms part of a series of batteries built on the Moorish and Spanish lines that zigzagged up the hill of the Moorish Castle to the Tower of Homage on the Rock of Gibraltar. Seven of these batteries were formed along the city's walls.


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