Grand Canyon of the Fraser

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Scow at Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the Fraser is a short gorge on the Fraser River in north-central British Columbia about 30km upstream from the confluence of the Bowron River and about 100km due east of downtown Prince George, British Columbia. Just downstream of the canyon, which pierces a rocky ridge, is a stretch of water called Scow Rapids, which was the upper limit of navigation from Prince George and where scows had to be used to tow vessels and rafts upstream along the gorge's banks. The canyon is located in Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Provincial Park and Protected Area.

This stretch of the river is not to be confused with the much more impressive Fraser Canyon, which runs south from the city of Williams Lake to the town of Hope.


Coordinates: 53°56′00″N 121°39′00″W / 53.93333°N 121.65000°W / 53.93333; -121.65000