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The Grand College of Rites is a Masonic organization dedicated to the collection and publication of various ritual texts from both Masonic ritual not currently used in the United States, and defunct quasi-Masonic rituals used by other fraternities and societies.[1]


One of the stated purposes of The Grand College of Rites is the prevention, within the larger community of Freemasonry, of the revival or usage of any rituals that are not currently in use in the United States.[2] In addition to archiving rituals not currently in use in the USA, printing such rituals, and making them available to its members for study, the Grand College claims sole authority and jurisdiction over these rituals in the United States.[2] Many members of the Grand College of Rites join simply because they have a scholarly and historical interest in the materials in its possession, without any particular desire to prevent distribution of those materials to a wider readership or to discourage revival of the rituals in question.

Among the many rituals over which the Grand College claims jurisdiction in the U.S. are those belonging to the Antient & Primitive Rite, or the Rite of Memphis.

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