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Grand Council of Geneva
Coat of arms or logo
Eric Leyvraz (UDC)
16 March 2017
1st Vice-president
Jean Romain (FDP/PLR)
16 March 2017
2nd Vice-president
Jean-Marie Voumard (MCG)
16 March 2017
Party-list proportional representation
Last election
15 April 2018
Meeting place
Geneve Hotel ville 2011-08-31 13 41 05 PICT4283.JPG
Hôtel de Ville, canton de Genève

The Grand Council of Geneva (French: Grand Conseil de Genève) is the legislature of the canton of Geneva, in Switzerland. Geneva, styled as a 'Republic and Canton', has a unicameral legislature. The Grand Council was established in its present form and with 100 seats in 1842[1], with members elected every four years. Its oldest ancestor is the Council of Two Hundred (with 200 seats), founded in 1526.[2]. Members of the canton's executive, the Conseil d'Etat, are elected a month later.

There is a 7% threshold to representation on the Grand Council. Seven parties overcame that hurdle at the most recent election that was held on 15 April 2018.

In 2013, the Grand Council has seven parties, with increasing numbers of right-wing populists and left-wing Greens ending the dominance of the traditional power blocs.

e • d Summary of the 6 October 2013 Geneva Grand Council election results
Party Ideology Vote % Vote % ± Seats Seats ±
FDP.The Liberals Classical liberalism 22.37 -3.93 24  –71
Geneva Citizens' Movement Right-wing populism 19.23 +4.49 20 +3
Social Democratic Party Democratic socialism 14.33 +1.42 15 ±0
Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy 10.61 +0.69 11 ±0
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 10.33 +1.77 11 +2
Green Party Green politics 9.16 -6.18 10 -7
Together Left2 Communism 8.75 -3.49 9 +9
Green Liberal Party Green liberalism 3.06 +3.06 0 ±0
Pirate Party Pirate politics 1.61 +1.61 0 ±0
Conservative Democratic Party Conservative liberalism 0.56 +0.56 0 ±0
Total 100.00  – 100  –
Turnout 41.05 1.39 Increase  –  –
1 The Liberal Party of Geneva merged with the Free Democratic Party into FDP.The Liberals in 2011. The total of both parties' seats are used for this calculation.
2 Alliance of SolidaritéS, Swiss Party of Labour, left-wing independents, Defence of the Elderly, Tenants of Housing and Social (DAL), Alternative Left,
   the Communist Party of Geneva, and Action of Citizens and Workers in Struggle (ACTE)
Source: Republic and Canton of Geneva
Since 2013, the Grand Council has seven parties.


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