Grand Council of Ticino

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Grand Council of Ticino
Gran Consiglio di Ticino
First Vice-President
Second Vice-President
Canton-wide proportional representation
Last election
19 April 2015
Meeting place
Ursuline Palace, Bellinzona
The Grand Council of Ticino meets at the Ursuline Palace in the capital, Bellinzona.

The Grand Council of Ticino (Italian: Gran Consiglio di Ticino) is the legislature for the Swiss canton of Ticino. The 90-member council is elected by proportional representation in a single constituency every four years, and meets at the Ursoline Palace in the capital, Bellinzona. Members are called Deputies (deputati).

Elections coincide with those of the canton's executive body, the Council of State. The last elections were on 19 April 2015. The President and two Vice-Presidents are selected by the members of the Grand Council, and not the electorate. Minutes of meetings are made public.[4]

The Grand Council appoints the members of the canton's judiciary (save for justices of the peace, who are elected in their area by the citizens) and public prosecutors.[5]



Both the Ticinese Council of State and the Grand Council meet at the Ursuline Palace. The palace was first built as a convent in 1738 for Ursuline nuns. The legislative and executive organs first convened in the Palace on 20 May 1803, the year of the Canton's admission to the Confederation, at a Benedictine monastery. On 26 August 1803, the first session was held. In 1848, the Law on the Suppression of Monasteries forced the Ursuline nuns to leave, and the premises have been solely occupied by the legislative and executives organs of the Canton of Ticino since.[7]


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