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The Christian centrist PDC-PCS coalition has an absolute majority in the Grand Council, with two medium-sized parties to its right and one to its left.

The Grand Council of Valais (French: Grand Conseil de Valais) is the legislature of the canton of Valais, in Switzerland. Valais has a unicameral legislature. The Grand Council has 130 seats, with members elected every four years.

In the last election, on 1 March 2009, the Christian Democratic People's Party retained its domination, but with slightly fewer seats. It forms a single bloc in the Grand Council with the Christian left Christian Social Party (PCS), although three of the PCS members sit with the 'Alliance of the Left', which also includes the Social Democrats and Greens. The second-largest party is the classical liberal FDP.The Liberals, which forms the main opposition on the right. The national conservative Swiss People's Party doubled its number of seats at the last election to twelve, making it the smallest of the four groupings in the Grand Council.

e • d Summary of the 1 March 2009 Valais Grand Council election results
Party Ideology Seats Seats ±
Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy 54 –4
FDP.The Liberals Classical liberalism 28 –2
Social Democratic Party Social democracy 17 –2
Christian Social Party Christian left 17 +1
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 12 +6
Green Party Green politics 2 +1
Total (turnout 54.57%) 130
Source: Canton of Valais

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