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The Council of State includes seven parties, with four commanding more than 15% of the seats each.

The Grand Council of Vaud (French: Grand Conseil de Vaud) is the legislature of the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland. Vaud has a unicameral legislature. The Great Council has 150 seats, with members elected every four years.

In the last election, on 11 March 2007, the Social Democratic Party won a plurality, with 39 of the 150 seats. The Free Democrats (29 seats), Swiss People's Party (26 seats), Green Party (24 seats), and Liberal Party (20 seats) also won significant blocs. Since then, one Social Democrat and one Liberal have defected to the heterogeneous 'Alliance of the Centre'.


e • d Summary of the 11 March 2007 Vaud Grand Council election results
Party Ideology Vote % Seats Seats ±
Social Democratic Party Social democracy 23.88 39 –7
Free Democratic Party Classical liberalism 19.05 29 –15
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 14.44 26 +4
Green Party Green politics 16.94 24 +1
Liberal Party Classical liberalism 14.09 20 –11
Alliance of the Centre1 Centrism 4.72 7 +51
À gauche toute! Socialism 6.87 5 –7
Total (turnout 39.66%) 100.00 150 –30
1 Consisted of PDC, Green Liberals, UDF, and Riviera Libre. Result compared to Christian Democratic list in 2007.
Source: Canton of Vaud

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