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The Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital (French: Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte) is a maternity hospital, part of the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg in Luxembourg. The hospital is named after Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, who reigned from 1919 to 1964.


In 1936 the development of a maternity hospital in Luxembourg went under the leadership of the Red Cross director Dr. M. Bohler and the school of the state of Pfaffenthal, under the control of the state, with the first director Dr. Richard.[1]

During World War II the hospital was under control of the state, under the direction of Dr. M. Reile.[1]

In 1951 the first incubator was introduced at the hospital. Between 1952 and 1966 the unit of medical gymnastics for childbirth and the gynecology department were opened.[1]

On December 10, 1975, together with the Pediatric Clinic and the Municipal Hospital the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg was formed.[1][2]


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