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Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Flag of Westarctica
of Westarctica
Coat of arms
Motto: Fortune favors the bold
Location of Westarctica
CapitalPeter I Island
Official languagesEnglish, German
Organizational structureConstitutional Monarchy
Travis McHenry
Jordan Farmer
• Formation
2 November, 2001
Area claimed
• Total
1,600,000 km2 (620,000 sq mi)
• Estimate
Purported currency

Westarctica (officially the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, formerly known as the Protectorate of Westarctica[1]) is a micronation / Project State founded in 2001 by Travis McHenry.[2] It consists of the territory located between the New Zealand Antarctic Territory and the Chilean one, specifically the portion of Antarctica located between 90 degrees and 150 degrees west longitude and south of the 60th parallel.[3] It coincides with the territory known as Marie Byrd Land. It includes 620,000 square miles of land, but though it claims over 2,000 citizens, none of them reside within the claimed territory.[4]

In 2018 the government of Westarctica established an honorary consul in Nerja, Spain.[5]

Terra Nullius[edit]

Terra Nullis is defined in international law, as land unclaimed by any sovereign State. The USA unofficially made claim to this portion of Antartica but withdrew same in 1959 upon becoming a signatory to the Antarctic Treaty. Marie Byrd land, as a result of the Antarctic Treaty, was considered terra nullius and therefore capable of formal claim. Westarctica was established on the basis of the aforementioned treaty and the principle of terra nullius.


Westarctica has worked with representatives from the Antarctic programs of Russia and the United States, however thus far neither have formally recognised it as a sovereign State. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the Prince of Monaco both have provided cordial official correspondence to the Grand Duke in his official capacity as Head of State, but neither have issued formal recognition status to Westartica. Some argue that Westarctica has established de facto recognition but lacks de jure recognition in International Law.

Westartica does however hold non-consultive status with the United Nations, which may be construed as a form of de jure recognition in it's own right.


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