Grand Hotel (novel)

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Grand Hotel (original German Menschen im Hotel, "People at a Hotel") is a 1929 novel by Vicki Baum, which was the basis for the film Grand Hotel.[1] It should not be confused with Berlin Hotel (original German Hotel Berlin), published in 1945, which deals with the situation in Germany towards the end of World War II. The film Grand Hotel was remade as Week-End at the Waldorf (1945).

In later times, "Grand Hotel" came to be the unofficial name for a subgenre of novels. Thus, The New York Times review of Paul Gallico's 1969 book The Poseidon Adventure, about a group of passengers attempting to escape from a capsized ocean liner, noted that "Mr. Gallico collects a Grand Hotel of shipboard dossiers. These interlocking histories may be damp with sentimentality as well as brine—but the author's skill as a storyteller invests them with enough suspense to last the desperate journey."