Grand Island (band)

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Grand Island
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Rock
Alternative rock
Years active 2006-present
Labels Racing Junior
Associated acts Superfamily
Members Eirik Iversen
Nils Brodersen
Jon Iver Helgaker
Espen Gustavsen
Pål Gustavsen
Past members Inge Kristian Brodersen

Grand Island is a Norwegian band. The band was formed in Oslo in 2004, with members from Moss, Sørumsand, and Oslo. They released their first album Say No To Sin in 2006. The band themselves refer to their music as 'southern indie'. 'Say No To Sin' was well received in Norway and appeared on many lists of the best albums in 2006.[citation needed]

Grand Island released their second album Boys and Brutes in Spring 2008. The album was nominated for a Spellemann award for best rock-album.[citation needed]

Vocalist and guitarist Espen Gustavsen also plays in the band "Johnny Cane Band" with Terje Krumins of fellow Norwegian band Superfamily.


  • Eirik Iversen - Bass
  • Inge Brodersen - Bass (2004–2008)
  • Nils Brodersen - Drums / Perc
  • Jon Iver Helgaker - Keys / Vocals
  • Espen Gustavsen- Vocals / Guitar
  • Pål Gustavsen - Banjo / Guitar / Vocals


Say No To Sin

This is the band's debut album, released by Grand Island in August 2006. The album contains the song "Us Annexed", which received a Spellemann Award for best music video, directed by Aksel Hennie. Grand Island recorded the album in Athletic Studios in Halden, Norway, and the album was mixed in Los Angeles by Steven McDonald and Ken Sluiter.

Boys & Brutes

This is the band's second album, released in Spring 2008.

Songs From Östra Knoll 1.22

This is the band's third album, released in 2010.

Della Loved Steve

This is the band's fourth album, released on March 15, 2013.

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