Grand Mosque of Évry

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Grand Mosque of Évry
Courcouronnes Mosquee.JPG
Basic information
Location Évry, France
Geographic coordinates 48°37′34″N 2°25′18″E / 48.6259878°N 2.4217987°E / 48.6259878; 2.4217987Coordinates: 48°37′34″N 2°25′18″E / 48.6259878°N 2.4217987°E / 48.6259878; 2.4217987
Affiliation Islam
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Mosque
Status Active
Website mosquee-evry
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Islamic
Completed 1991
Capacity 5,000
Minaret(s) 1

The Grand Mosque of Évry (French: Grande Mosquée d'Évry) is a mosque in Évry, Paris, France. A cultural center is associated with the building.

A process was initiated in the early 1980s to collect funds to build the mosque in Évry. The modest results of this effort led to a search for additional funding from the Persian Gulf states. The Saudi Sheikh Akram Aadja saw that the financing was completed. The first stone was laid in 1984, and construction work began in 1985. Interior decoration was funded by the Hassan II Foundation.

The mosque opened ten years later, in 1995, the same year as the Évry Cathedral. It was the work of the architect Henri Baudot, who has constructed several buildings in Algeria and Tunisia.

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