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The Grand Mosque of Copenhagen is a mosque built in 2014 which is be the first purpose-built mosque in Denmark and one of the largest in Europe.[1][2]

The Tabah Foundation, an Islamic consultancy firm based in United Arab Emirates, is planning to fund a mosque planned by Jan Wenzel and Lars Tuxen. This mosque is expected to cost 427 million euro.[1] The mosque has no minarets and is shaped like a crescent moon. It will serve 3,000 worshipers and feature a multi-cultural center and student housing.[1]

The mosque is planned to be built in Ørestad, Copenhagen.[1] The city is willing to agree to the mosque, but will only allow one of the plans.[3]

On June 2007, several Copenhagen imams participated in a Hizb ut-Tahrir convention. The imams explained that they would like to work on common projects, such as the Grand Mosque, with Hizb ut-Tahrir or any good-willing partner.[4]


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