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The Logo of the GNCC

The Grand National Curling Club, also known as the GNCC, is the union of curling clubs in New England and the Mid-Atlantic of the United States. It was established in 1867. In recent years, the GNCC's territory has expanded to include clubs in the Southeast (Specifically, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.)

Member Clubs[edit]

State Club Name City/Town Type Sheets Year Founded Notes

Flag of Connecticut.svg

LBI Curling Club (Long Beach Island)


Norwalk Paper
Norfolk Curling Club


Norfolk Dedicated Ice[1][2][4] 2[1][2][4] 1956
Nutmeg Curling Club[1]


Bridgeport Dedicated Ice[2] 3[2] 1960[5] New (2006) dedicated facility at Wonderland of Ice.[5]

Flag of Florida.svg

Florida Curling Club


St. Petersburg Paper
Orlando Curling Club[4]


Orlando Forming
Tampa Bay Curling Club


Tampa Bay Forming

Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg

Atlanta Curling Club[4]


Atlanta Arena 5 2010[7] Arena curling at Center Ice Arena (fall/spring) and IceForum-Duluth (summer) [7]
Peachtree Curling Association Marietta Dedicated Ice 3 2015

Flag of Maine.svg

Belfast Curling Club[1]


Belfast Dedicated Ice[1][2][8] 3[1][2][8] 1959[8]

Flag of Maryland.svg

Chesapeake Curling Club[1]


Easton Dedicated Ice[1][2][9] 3[1][2][9] 1980[9]
Potomac Curling Club[1]


Laurel Dedicated Ice[1][2][10] 4[1][2][10] 1961[10]

Flag of Massachusetts.svg

Boston Curling Club


Sudbury Paper[2]
Broomstones Curling Club[1]


Wayland Dedicated Ice[1][2][11] 4[1][2][11] 1911[11] For the first time in the world, a curling match was played on artificial ice made JUST for curling.[11]
Canadian Club of Boston[1]


West Roxbury Paper[1] 4[1] 1960[12] Plays at The Country Club.[1]
Cape Cod Curling Club[1]


Falmouth Dedicated Ice[1][2][4] 3[1][2][4] 1969[13]
Greater Lowell Curling Club


Dracut Paper[1]
Merrimack Valley Curling Club


New Pond Curling Club


Walpole Outdoor[1][4]
Petersham Curling Club[1]


Petersham Dedicated Ice[1][2][14] 2[1][2][14] 1960[14]
The Country Club (of Chestnut Hill, MA)[1]


Chestnut Hill Dedicated Ice[1] 4[1]
Weston Curling Club[1]


Weston Dedicated Ice[4] 4[4]
New Hampshire

Flag of New Hampshire.svg

Granite Curling Club (Hollis, NH)


Hollis Paper
Nashua Country Club[1]


Nashua Dedicated Ice[1][2] 3[1][2]
New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey.svg

Garden State Curling Club[1]


Plainfield Curling Club[1]


South Plainfield Dedicated Ice[1][2][4] 2[1][2][4] 1963[19]
New York

Flag of New York.svg

Albany Curling Club[1]


Albany Dedicated Ice[1][2] 2[1][2] 1955[20]
Amherst Curling Club[1]


Amherst Paper
Ardsley Curling Club[1]


Irvington Dedicated Ice[1][2] 3[1][2]
Canadian Club of New York[1]


New York City Paper
Finger Lakes Curling Club[24] Ithaca Arena 4 2017
Kayuta Lake Curling Club


Forestport Outdoor[1][2]
Lake Placid Curling Club[1]


Lake Placid Arena[1][2] 4[1][2] Arena curling at Herb Brooks Arena at the Lake Placid Olympic Center.[25]
Long Island Curling Club


Syosset Arena[1] 4[1] Arena curling at the Long Island Sports Hub in Syosset.[1][26]
Massena Curling Club


Massena Arena 2007 Arena curling at Massena Arena.
New York Caledonian Curling Club


Bronxville Paper[1][2][4] 3[1][2][4] Plays at the Ardsley Curling Club.[1]
Rochester Curling Club[1]


Rochester Dedicated Ice[1][2][27] 4[1][2][27] 1961[27]
Schenectady Curling Club[1]


Schenectady Dedicated Ice[1][2] 4[1][2]
The Curling Club of Aruba


Guilderland Paper[4]
Utica Curling Club[1]


Whitesboro Dedicated Ice[1][2][4] 6[1][2][4] 1868[29]
North Carolina

Flag of North Carolina.svg

Charlotte Curling Association
(formerly Charlotte Centre Curling Club)[2]


Charlotte, NC Dedicated Ice[2] 4[2] 2010[31] Dedicated Ice, the first in the Southeastern United States, opened on November 1, 2014.
Coastal Carolina Curling Club Wilmington Arena ? 2011 (forming) Arena Curling at The Wilmington Ice House
Triangle Curling Club[1]


Durham Dedicated Ice[1][32] 4[1][32] 1995[4]

Flag of Pennsylvania.svg

Anthracite Curling Club (Formerly Scranton Curling Club)[1]


Wilkes-Barre Arena 2006 Arena curling at Coal St Park.[33]
Bucks County Curling Club


Warminster Dedicated Ice 4 2010
French Creek Curling Club Meadville Arena 4 2016 Arena curling at Meadville

Area Recreation Complex

("The MARC")

Philadelphia Curling Club[1]


Paoli Dedicated Ice[1][2][4] 2[1][2][4] 1957[35]
Pittsburgh Curling Club[1]


Pittsburgh Arena[1][2][36] 5[1][2][36] 2002 Arena curling at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center.
Rhode Island

Flag of Rhode Island.svg

Ocean State Curling Club


Middletown Arena[1] 5[1] 2009 Arena curling at Cabot/Harmon Ice Center.[1]
South Carolina

Flag of South Carolina.svg

Grand Strand Curling Club


Little River Paper
Palmetto Curling Club[4]


Greenville Arena[37] 4[37] 2010[37] Arena curling at Greenville County Pavilion Recreation Complex.

Flag of Vermont.svg

Green Mountain Curling Club[1]


Morrisville Arena[1] 4[1] 2005 Arena curling at LARC Ice Arena.
Rutland Curling Club


Union Arena Curling Club[39] Woodstock Arena[39] 4[39] 2007[39]
Woodstock Curling Club[1]


Woodstock Arena[1] 2008 Arena curling at Union Arena Community Center.

Flag of Virginia.svg

Curling Club of Virginia[1]


Richmond Arena[1] 3[1] 2011 Arena curling at The Ice Zone.


These events are GNCC Sponsored Events, and do not include the events that are sponsored by the GNCC Member Clubs.

  • Men's
    • Francis Dykes Bonspiel (5 and under)
    • Ross Tarlton
    • Senior Men’s
    • Gordon International
    • Gordon-Emmett – The oldest consecutive event in North America.
  • Women's
    • Elisabeth Childs Challenge (5 and under)
  • Mixed/Open
    • Senior Mixed
    • Ray Kayser Memorial Bonspiel (5 and under)
    • Arena Club Championship (open event for arena club members only)[42]

Past Presidents[edit]

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