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Grand Paris (Greater Paris) is a project to transform the Paris metropolitan area into a major world and European metropolis of the 21st century, in order to improve the living environment of the inhabitants[1], to correct the territorial inequalities and to build a sustainable city.


The plan was first announced on September 17, 2007, during the inauguration of "La Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine", when Nicolas Sarkozy declared his intention to create a "new comprehensive development project for Grand Paris". The project was organized by the French State, with the Ministry of Culture and Communication in charge of coordinating the consultation process[2].

The architects of the project were: Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, Antoine Grumbach, Roland Castro, Yves Lion, Djamel Klouche, Richard Rogers, Bernardo Secchi, Paola Vigano, Finn Geipel, Giulia Andi, and Winy Maas[3].

An exhibition entitled "Le Grand Pari de l'agglomeration parisienne" presented the results of the consultation process from April 29 to November 22, 2009[2].

In 2017 it overtook Crossrail as the biggest infrastructure project in Europe[4].


Planned metro lines

This project led by the government, and especially by Christian Blanc, then Secretary of State for Development of the capital region, proposed the creation of large economic centers around Paris, and the creation of Réseau de transport public du Grand Paris, performing linking these centers to the airports, TGV stations and the center of Paris. The Societé du Grand Paris will be a public institution charged with the creation of a new automatic metro (200 km of track and 75 stations, estimated at 32.5 billion euros[5]) in the Paris suburbs.

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