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The Grand Prix C.F. Ramuz is a literary award presented every five years by the Foundation C.F. Ramuz to honour a writer's entire work. It has been awarded from 1955 until 2005.[1] The foundation's stated goals are to:[1]

  • maintain the memory of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, and keep his works alive.
  • support the diffusion and the republication of the works of the writer.
  • support critical translations and work, particularly through conferences.
  • help with the creation of spectacles drawn from Ramuz's work.
  • encourage French literary creation and Swiss writers of the French language

The foundation also presents a tri-annual Poetry Prize, the 'Prix de poésie'.

Laureates of ther great prize[edit]

The following have received the award:[1]

Laureates of the poetry prize[edit]


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