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The Grand Prix International St. Gervais was an annual senior-level international figure skating competition held in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, France. For many years, beginning in 1969, it was paired with a similar competition in Germany, the Nebelhorn Trophy, to form a series called the Coupe des Alpes. Sometimes the "Coupe des Alpes" name was applied to the French event only,[1] but in fact it was a team trophy awarded based on combined results of both competitions. The official name of the competition was unrelated to and predated the use of "Grand Prix" in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

The St. Gervais and Nebelhorn events were traditionally held in late summer or early fall as the first international skating events of the season. In 1979, the French event was held in late August.[1] In most years, the same teams of skaters entered both events. As these events predated the establishment of a regular junior competition circuit, younger skaters were often sent to St. Gervais and Nebelhorn as their first senior-level international competition assignments.

In 1997, the St. Gervais event was separated from the Nebelhorn Trophy and the Coupe des Alpes was discontinued. Instead, the French federation organized an international junior competition in St. Gervais as part of the inaugural 1997–1998 ISU Junior Series, which was later renamed the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating. In recent years, the French junior competition has been held in Courchevel instead.



Men's medalists
Year Gold Silver Bronze Details
1969 United Kingdom Haig Oundjian United States James Stewart Canada Toller Cranston
1970 United Kingdom John Curry Canada Ron Shaver United Kingdom Michael Fish
1971 France Jacques Mrozek United States Robert Bradshaw Canada Kenneth Polk
1972 United States Robert Bradshaw United States Terry Kubicka Canada Patrick McKilligan
1973 United States Charles Tickner Canada Lee Armstrong France Didier Gailhaguet
1974 United States David Santee Luxembourg Paul Cechmanek France Jean-Christophe Simond
1975 United States Ken Newfield Canada Ted Barton France Jean-Christophe Simond
1976 United Kingdom Robin Cousins Japan Fumio Igarashi United States Scott Hamilton
1977 United States Robert Wagenhoffer Canada Brian Pockar West Germany Rudi Cerne
1978 United States Allen Schramm United States Mark Cockerell Canada Gary Beacom
1979 West Germany Rudi Cerne Canada Gordon Forbes United States Brian Boitano
1980 Canada Brian Orser West Germany Norbert Schramm France Philippe Paulet
1981 West Germany Heiko Fischer United States Jim White Canada Kevin Hicks
1982 France Fernand Fedronic United States Scott Williams Italy Bruno Delmaestro
1983 France Philippe Paulet Soviet Union Gurgen Vardanjan United States Scott Driscoll
1984 United States Craig Henderson West Germany Richard Zander Soviet Union Leonid Kaznakov
1985 United States Doug Mattis Canada Kurt Browning France Philippe Roncoli
1986 United States Erik Larson Canada Kurt Browning France Frederic Harpages
1987 United States Todd Eldredge United States Patrick Brault Canada Michael Slipchuk
1988 Canada Marcus Christensen United States Christopher Mitchell United States Aren Nielsen
1989 United States Colin Vanderveen United States Shepherd Clark France Philippe Candeloro
1990 Soviet Union Alexei Urmanov United States Michael Chack Soviet Union Oleg Tataurov
1991 France Philippe Candeloro Soviet Union Oleg Tataurov United States Ryan Hunka
1992 France Alexandre Orset Chinese Taipei David Liu United States Daniel Hollander
1993 Israel Michael Shmerkin United States Michael Weiss Canada Jeffrey Langdon
1994 France Thierry Cerez France Gabriel Monnier France Francis Gastellu [2]
1995 France Stanick Jeannette Russia Igor Sinyutin Russia Sergei Rylov [3]
1996 United States Derrick Delmore United States Timothy Goebel Russia Sergey Kitov [4]


Ladies' medalists
Year Gold Silver Bronze Details
1969 United States Debrah Lauer Canada Cathy Lee Irwin France Joëlle Cartaux
1970 Canada Cathy Lee Irwin United States Mary Lynn Gelderman United States Suna Murray
1971 United States Dorothy Hamill United States Julie McKinstry Canada Julie Black
1972 Switzerland Karin Iten United States Wendy Burge West Germany Isabelle de Navarre
1973 United States Linda Fratianne United States Kath Malmberg Canada Kim Alletson
1974 United States Barbara Smith United States Priscilla Hill Canada Peggy McLean
1975 United States Lisa-Marie Allen Japan Emi Watanabe Switzerland Danielle Rieder
1976 West Germany Garnet Ostermeier Switzerland Denise Biellmann United States Carrie Rugh
1977 Japan Reiko Kobayashi Switzerland Anita Siegried United States Sandy Lenz
1978 Switzerland Denise Biellmann United States Editha Dotson Canada Janet Morrissey
1979 United States Lynn Smith Switzerland Danielle Rieder United States Jacki Farrell
1980 United States Vikki de Vries Canada Elizabeth Manley France Anne-Sophie de Kristoffy
1981 Canada Charlene Wong United States Kristy Hogan United States Stephanie Anderson
1982 West Germany Manuela Ruben United States Kelley Webster United States Jill Frost
1983 Belgium Katrien Pauwels Canada Lana Sherman United States Stacy McMullin
1984 United States Debi Thomas Japan Juri Ozawa United States Sara MacInnes
1985 United States Tracey Damigella Canada Rosmarie Sakic West Germany Patricia Neske
1986 United States Holly Cook Canada Pamela Giangualano West Germany Cornelia Renner
1987 Canada Shannon Allison United States Rory Flack France Claude Péri
1988 United States Tonia Kwiatkowski West Germany Patricia Neske Canada Josée Chouinard
1989 United States Kyoko Ina France Surya Bonaly Italy Sabine Contini
1990 West Germany Patricia Neske Soviet Union Elena Kushnir Canada Mary Angela Lamer-Wilson
1991 France Surya Bonaly United States Lisa Ervin Canada Sherry Ball
1992 France Surya Bonaly Canada Cathy Belanger Canada Angela Derochie
1993 United States Jenna Pittman Canada Susan Humphreys Finland Mila Kajas
1994 United States Amanda Ward Japan Shizuka Arakawa France Vanessa Gusmeroli [2]
1995 Russia Elena Ivanova United States Sydne Vogel France Vanessa Gusmeroli [3]
1996 Russia Elena Sokolova United States Shelby Lyons Ukraine Elena Volokhova [4]


Pairs' medalists
Year Gold Silver Bronze Details
1969 Switzerland Edith Sperl / Heinz Wirz Canada Mary Petrie / Robert McAvoy Czech Republic Mirka Sabilkova / Pavel Komarek
1970 Canada Sandra Bezic / Val Bezic United States Sheri Thrapp / Larry Dusich United Kingdom Linda Connolly / Colin Taylforth
1971 Canada Marion Murray / Glenn Moore United States Cynthia Van Valkenburg / James Hulick United States Gale Fuhrman / Joel Fuhrman
1972 United States Gale Fuhrman / Joel Fuhrman United States Cozette Cady / Jack Courtney Switzerland Karin Künzle / Christian Künzle
1973 Switzerland Karin Künzle / Christian Künzle West Germany Corinna Halke / Eberhard Rausch United States Tai Babilonia / Randy Gardner
1974 Canada Kathy Huntchinson / Jamie McGregor Canada Candace Jones / Don Fraser United Kingdom Linda McCafferty / Colin Taylforth
1975 Canada Cheri Pinner / Dennis Pinner United States Alice Cook / William Fauver Canada Karen Newton / Glenn Laframboise
1976 West Germany Susanne Scheibe / Andreas Nischwitz France Sabine Fuchs / Xavier Videau Japan Natsuko Hagiwara / Sumio Murata
1977 United States Gail Hamula / Frank Sweiding United States Sheryl Franks / Michael Botticelli Germany Susanne Scheibe / Andreas Nischwitz
1978 Canada Barbara Underhill / Paul Martini United States Tracy Prussack / Scott Prussack United States Maria di Domenico / Larry Schrier
1979 United States Caitlin Carruthers / Peter Carruthers Canada Becky Gough / Mark Rowsom Canada Mary Jo Fedy / Tim Mills
1980 Soviet Union Nelli Chervotkina / Viktor Teslia United Kingdom Susan Garland / Robert Daw Canada Mary Jo Fedy / Tim Mills
1981 Canada Melinda Kunhegyi / Lyndon Johnston Soviet Union Elena Valova / Oleg Vasiliev France Nathalie Tortel / Xavier Videau
1982 Soviet Union Inna Volianskaya / Valeri Spiridonov Canada Katherina Matousek / Lloyd Eisler United States Natalie Seybold / Wayne Seybold
1983 Soviet Union Inna Bekker / Sergei Likhanski United States Katy Keely / Gary Kemp Canada Laurene Collin / David Howe
1984 Soviet Union Elena Bechke / Valeri Kornienko United States Susan Dungjen / Jason Dungjen United States Margo Shoup / Patrick Page
1985 Canada Christine Hough / Doug Ladret Soviet Union Ludmila Koblova / Andrei Kalitin United Kingdom Lisa Cushley / Neil Cushley
1986 Canada Melanie Gaylor / Lee Barkell United States Ashley Stevenson / Scott Wendland United Kingdom Lisa Cushley / Neil Cushley
1987 Canada Michelle Menzies / Kevin Wheeler Canada Twana Rose / Colin Epp United States Michelle Laughlin / Mark Naylor
1988 Canada Cindy Landry / Lyndon Johnston Canada Marie-Josee Fortin / Jean-Michel Bombardier United States Kenna Bailey / John Denton
1989 Soviet Union Elena Leonova / Gennadi Krasnitski Soviet Union Inna Svetacheva / Vladimir Chagov Canada Patricia MacNeil / Cory Watson
1990 Canada Stacey Ball / Jean-Michel Bombardier Soviet Union Svetlana Pristav / Viacheslav Tkachenko United States Tristen Vega / Richard Alexander
1991 Soviet Union Natalia Krestianinova / Alexei Torchinski Soviet Union Elena Nikonova / Nikolai Apter Soviet Union Elena Ledinkina / Denis Tikhonov
1992 Russia Elena Ledinkina / Denis Tikhonov Russia Natalia Krestianinova / Alexei Torchinski Canada Tiina Muur / Cory Watson
1993 Canada Caroline Haddad / Jean-Sébastien Fecteau United States Stephanie Stiegler / Lance Travis Canada Isabelle Coulombe / Bruno Marcotte
1994 France Sarah Abitbol / Stéphane Bernardis Canada Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon / Luc Bradet France Lyne Haddad / Sylvain Privé [2]
1995 Poland Dorota Zagorska / Mariusz Siudek Canada Marilyn Luis / Patrice Archetto Canada Samantha Marchant / Chad Hawse [3]
1996 United States Natalie Vlandis / Jered Guzman Russia Victoria Maxiuta / Vladislav Zhovnirski Ukraine Evgenia Filonenko / Igor Marchenko [4]

Ice dancing[edit]

Ice dancing medalists
Year Gold Silver Bronze Details
1976 United Kingdom Jane Torvill / Christopher Dean France Muriel Boucher / Yves Malatier United Kingdom Carol Long / Philip Stowell
1977 United States Carol Fox / Richard Dalley France Muriel Boucher / Yves Malatier United Kingdom Wendy Sessions / Marc Reed
1978 United States Kim Krohn / Barry Hagan United Kingdom Karen Barber / Kim Spreyer United Kingdom Tandy Buxton / Trevor Davies
1979 Canada Gina Aucoin / Hans-Peter Ponikau France Nathalie Hervé / Pierre Béchu
1980 Soviet Union Olga Volozhinskaya / Alexander Svinin France Nathalie Hervé / Pierre Béchu United Kingdom Wendy Sessions / Stephen Williams
1981 United Kingdom Karen Roughton / Marc Reed United States Janice Kindrachuk / Blake Hobson Soviet Union Tatiana Kuzmina / Igor Tchinaev
1982 Soviet Union Marina Klimova / Sergei Ponomarenko Italy Isabella Micheli / Roberto Pelizzola Canada Isabelle Duchesnay / Paul Duchesnay
1983 Soviet Union Marina Klimova / Sergei Ponomarenko United States Eleanor DeVera / James Yorke West Germany Antonia Becherer / Ferdinand Becherer
1984 Soviet Union Irina Zhuk / Oleg Petrov United States Lois Luciani / Russ Witherby United States Kristan Lowery / Chip Rossbach
1985 Soviet Union Maya Usova / Alexander Zhulin France Doriane Bontemps / Charles Paliard United States April Sargent / John D'Amelio
1986 United States Karen Knieriem / Leif Erickson Italy Lia Trovati / Roberto Pelizzola France Dominique Yvon / Frederic Palluel
1987 Italy Anna Croci / Luca Mantovani United States Dorothi Rodek / Robert Nardozza Canada Catherine Pal / Donald Godfrey
1988 Canada Jacqueline Petr / Mark Janoschak United States Elizabeth McLean / Ari Lieb United States Elizabeth Punsalan / Shawn Rettstat
1989 Soviet Union Irina Romanova / Igor Yaroshenko United States Lisa Grove / Scott Myers France Isabelle Sarech / Xavier Debernis
1990 France Sophie Moniotte / Pascal Lavanchy Canada Isabelle Labossiere / Mitchell Gould Soviet Union Natalia Lines / Aleksei Kislitsyn
1991 Canada Marie-France Dubreuil / Bruno Yvars Soviet Union Ekaterina Proskurina / Oleg Fediukov Canada Jennifer Boyce / Michel Brunet
1992 Canada Shae-Lynn Bourne / Victor Kraatz Lithuania Margarita Drobiazko / Povilas Vanagas United States Tamara Kuchiki / Neale Smull
1993 Russia Olga Ganicheva / Maxim Kachanov Canada Martine Patenaude / Eric Massé France Berangere Nau / Luc Moneger
1994 Italy Barbara Fusar-Poli / Maurizio Margaglio France Agnes Jacquemard / Alexis Gayet Canada Chantal Lefebvre / Patrice Lauzon [2]
1995 Poland Iwona Filipowicz / Michal Szumski Canada Megan Wing / Aaron Lowe France Stephanie Guardia / Franck Laporte [3]
1996 Russia Nina Ulanova / Mikhail Stifounin Italy Federica Faiella / Luciano Milo France Melanie Espejo / Michael Zenezini [4]


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