Grand Prix Manager

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This article is about the 1995 Windows game. For the 1984 ZX Spectrum game, see Grand Prix Manager (1984 video game).
Grand Prix Manager
Developer(s) Atari
Platform(s) PC
  • EU: 1995
  • NA: February 29, 1996[1]

Grand Prix Manager (GPM) is a Formula 1 management game released in December 1995 by MicroProse. It featured the 1995 Formula 1 season.


The game consists of Long Term and Short Term challenges. Long Term games were made up of 40 seasons of F1 (in game from 1995-2035), while Short Term challenges dictated a specific outcome to be met over 1, 2, or 3 seasons. Failure to fulfill the challenges resulted in being fired and losing the game.

The sequel, Grand Prix Manager 2, released at the end of the year featured the 1996 season. Both games are very similar, though the latter has more solid graphics, and includes several bug fixes and new features.


GameSpot said for the PC, "Grand Prix Manager gives you the opportunity to live the exciting life of the GP circuit in the comfort of your own home." GameSpot also rated the game 6.4 (fair).[2]


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