Grand Prix Rouwmoer

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Grand Prix Rouwmoer
Race details
Date December
Region Essen, Belgium
Discipline Cyclo-cross
Competition BPost Bank Trophy
First edition 1965 (1965)
Editions 50 (as of 2015)
First winner  Guy Goossens (BEL)
Most wins  Sven Nys (BEL) (6 wins)
Most recent  Wout Van Aert (BEL)

The Grand Prix Rouwmoer is a cyclo-cross race held in Essen, Belgium, which is part of the BPost Bank Trophy.

Past winners[edit]

Year Winner
2015 Belgium Wout Van Aert
2014 Belgium Wout Van Aert
2013 Belgium Kevin Pauwels
2012 Belgium Jan Denuwelaere[note 1]
2011 Belgium Bart Wellens
2010 Belgium Sven Nys
2009 Belgium Niels Albert
2008 Belgium Sven Nys
2007 Belgium Sven Nys
2006 Belgium Sven Nys
2005 Belgium Bart Wellens
2004 Belgium Bart Wellens
2003 Belgium Bart Wellens
2002 Belgium Sven Nys
2001 Belgium Mario De Clercq
2000 Belgium Peter Van Santvliet
1999 Belgium Bart Wellens
1998 Belgium Sven Nys
1997 Netherlands Richard Groenendaal
1996 Netherlands Adrie van der Poel
1995 Belgium Paul Herijgers
1994 Belgium Paul Herijgers
1993 Belgium Paul Herijgers
1992 Belgium Danny De Bie
1991 Belgium Danny De Bie
1990 Belgium Roland Liboton
1989 Belgium Guy Vandijck
1988 Belgium Dirk Pauwels
1987 Belgium Walter Marijnissen
1986 Belgium Walter Marijnissen
1985 Belgium Noël Danneels
1984 Belgium Jan Teugels
1983 Belgium Ludo De Rey
1982 Netherlands Henk Baars
1981 Belgium Johan Ghyllebert
1979 Netherlands Hennie Stamsnijder
1978 Belgium Alfons Van Parijs
1977 Germany Klaus-Peter Thaler
1976 Netherlands Gert Wildeboer
1975 Belgium Hendrik Arnouts
1974 Belgium Jan Teugels
1973 Belgium Leo Arnouts
1972 Belgium Auguste Badts
1971 Belgium Flory Ongenae
1970 Belgium Freddy Nijs
1969 Belgium Freddy Nijs
1968 Belgium Auguste Badts
1967 Belgium Flory Ongenae
1966 Netherlands Cock van der Hulst
1965 Belgium Guy Goossens


  1. ^ Zdeněk Štybar passed the line first, after accidentally pushing Denuwelaere over during the sprint. Denuwelaere slid over the finish line as second. Štybar was relegated to the fourth position for his action.