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The Grand Prix der Volksmusik (English: Grand Prix of Folk Music) is an annual regional song contest for folk music, first held in 1986. The countries taking part are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy (South Tyrol).[1]


The competition, established by Hans Beierlein[2] (Hans Rudolf Beierlein), began with Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1986, and the first year it was held in Vienna. In 1989, the German singer Stefan Mross won the contest competing for Austria. In 1990, the South Tyrol group Kastelruther Spatzen won the contest competing for Germany. In 1995, Géraldine Olivier won the contest for Switzerland after having won the Swiss national contest for the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest[3] with Soleil, soleil, which was disqualified before the contest was held. Since 2000, when they won at the first attempt, South Tyrol has also competed.


The program is produced by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der musikalischen Unterhaltung (English: Working Group for the Advancement of Musical Entertainment) as a coproduction of ZDF, SF DRS, ORF and Rai Sender Bozen. The target group of the production is adults from the age of 40 onwards.[1] Each of the four countries competing sends in four entries.[4]



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