Grand Prix des Frontières

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Grand Prix des Frontières
Chimay Street Circuit
Layout of Chimay Street Circuit used in Grand Prix des Frontières (1929-1972).png
Race information
Number of times held 38
First held 1929
Last held 1972
Most wins (drivers) Belgium Arthur Legat (3)
France Maurice Trintignant (3)
United Kingdom David Purley (3)
Most wins (constructors) France Bugatti (7)
Circuit length 10.45 km (6.49 mi)
Race length 125.4 km (77.89 mi)
Laps 12
Last race (1972)
Pole position
Fastest lap

The Grand Prix des Frontières was a motor race held at a street circuit in Chimay, Belgium. The race was created by Jules Buisseret, who was also responsible for the circuit's existence. The first event was held in 1929 and was discontinued after the 1972 event for safety reasons.[1]

Since the 1980s, races for classic motorcycles have been run on a reduced version of the Chimay road circuit under the banner of the Grand Prix des Frontières. The full circuit was used for the 2008 anniversary races, but since that year the full circuit has been reserved for special occasions, with the regular annual events using the shorter course.[2]

Winners of the Grand Prix des Frontières[edit]

Multiple winners[edit]

# Wins Driver Years Won
3 Belgium Arthur Legat 1931, 1932, 1933
France Maurice Trintignant 1938, 1939, 1953
United Kingdom David Purley 1970, 1971, 1972
2 Thailand Prince Bira 1947, 1954
France Guy Mairesse 1948, 1949 (F1)
Belgium Johnny Claes 1950, 1951
Switzerland Benoit Musy 1955, 1956
United Kingdom Peter Westbury 1967, 1968

By year[edit]

Year Driver Car Rules Report
1972 United Kingdom David Purley Ensign LNF3-Ford Formula Three Report
1971 United Kingdom David Purley Brabham BT28-Ford Formula Three Report
1970 United Kingdom David Purley Brabham BT28-Ford Formula Three Report
1969 Switzerland Jean Blanc Tecno 69-Ford Formula Three Report
1968 United Kingdom Peter Westbury Brabham BT21B-Ford Formula Three Report
1967 United Kingdom Peter Westbury Brabham BT21-Ford Formula Three Report
1966 Australia Martin Davies Brabham BT10-Ford Formula Three Report
1965 United Kingdom John Cardwell Brabham BT15-Ford Formula Three Report
1964 Not held
1963 France Jacques Maglia Lotus 22-Ford Formula Junior Report
1962 France José Rosinski Cooper T59-Ford Formula Junior Report
1961 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland John Love Cooper T56-BMC Formula Junior Report
1960 United Kingdom Jack Lewis Cooper T45-Climax Formula Two Report
1959 United Kingdom Mike Taylor Lotus 15-Climax Sports car Report
1958 United Kingdom Brian Naylor JBW-Maserati Sports car Report
1957 Italy Franco Bordoni Maserati 200SI Sports car Report
1956 Switzerland Benoit Musy Maserati 300S Sports car Report
1955 Switzerland Benoit Musy Maserati A6GCS Sports car Report
1954 Thailand Prince Bira Maserati 250F Formula One Report
1953 France Maurice Trintignant Simca-Gordini T16 Formula Two Report
1952 Belgium Paul Frére HWM-Alta Formula Two Report
1951 Belgium Johnny Claes Simca-Gordini T11 Formula Two Report
1950 Belgium Johnny Claes HWM-Alta Formula Two Report
1949 France Emile Cornet Veritas RS-BMW Formula Two Report
France Guy Mairesse Talbot-Lago T26C Formula One Report
1948 France Guy Mairesse Delahaye 135 Formula Libre Report
1947 Thailand Prince Bira Maserati 4CL Formula Libre Report
1946 United Kingdom Leslie Brooke ERA B Formula Libre Report
Not held
1939 France Maurice Trintignant Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix Report
1938 France Maurice Trintignant Bugatti Type 51 Formula Libre Report
1937 Switzerland Hans Rüesch Alfa Romeo 8C-35 Formula Libre Report
1936 Netherlands Eddie Hertzberger MG Magnette K3 Sports car Report
1935 Germany Rudolf Steinweg Bugatti Type 51A Grand Prix Report
1934 Belgium Willy Longueville Bugatti Type 35B Voiturette Report
1933 Belgium Arthur Legat Bugatti Type 37A Voiturette Report
1932 Belgium Arthur Legat Bugatti Type 37A Voiturette Report
1931 Belgium Arthur Legat Bugatti Type 37A Formula Libre Report
1930 France Georges de Marotte Salmson GP Grand Prix Report
1929 Italy Goffredo Zehender Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Formula Libre Report


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