Grand Prix du Midi Libre

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Grand Prix du Midi Libre
Race details
DateBefore Tour de France
RegionSouth France
English nameGrand Prix du Midi Libre
Local name(s)Grand Prix du Midi Libre (in French)
Nickname(s)Midi Libre
TypeStage race
OrganiserMidi Libre
First edition1949 (1949)
Final edition2004
First winner Henri Massal (FRA)
Most wins Jean-René Bernaudeau (FRA) (4 wins)
Final winner Christophe Moreau (FRA) (2004)

The Grand Prix du Midi Libre (referred to as just Midi Libre) was a multiple-stage cycling course in the south of France. The race, named after the newspaper that organized it, was first organized in 1949 and was an important preparation courses for the Tour de France. Because of the hills in southern France, a climber usually won but sometimes the decision was made in a flat stage.

In 2003 the course was not organized, due to financial problems. One year later it returned, named Tour du Languedoc-Roussillon, but this turned out to be a one-time comeback.


Rider Team
1949 France Henri Massal (FRA)
1950 France Antonin Rolland (FRA)
1951 France Raphaël Geminiani (FRA)
1952 Italy Siro Bianchi (ITA)
1953 France Pierre Nardi (FRA)
1954 Spain Jesús Martinez (ESP)
1955 Spain Miguel Poblet (ESP)
1956 France Antonin Rolland (FRA)
1957 Luxembourg Jempy Schmitz (LUX)
1958 France Francis Pipelin (FRA)
1959 Belgium Jean Brankart (BEL)
1960 France Valentin Huot (FRA)
1961 France Joseph Groussard (FRA)
1962 Netherlands Mies Stolker (NED)
1963 Spain Fernando Manzaneque (ESP)
1964 France André Foucher (FRA)
1965 France André Foucher (FRA)
1966 France Jean-Claude Theilliere (FRA)
1967 France Michel Grain (FRA)
1969 Spain Luis Ocaña (ESP)
1970 Italy Walter Ricci (ITA)
1971 Belgium Eddy Merckx (BEL)
1972 France Cyrille Guimard (FRA)
1973 France Raymond Poulidor (FRA)
1974 France Jean-Pierre Danguillaume (FRA)
1975 Italy Francesco Moser (ITA)
1976 France Alain Meslet (FRA)
1977 Italy Wladimiro Panizza (ITA)
1978 Italy Claudio Bortolotto (ITA)
1979 Italy Giuseppe Saronni (ITA)
1980 France Jean-René Bernaudeau (FRA)
1981 France Jean-René Bernaudeau (FRA)
1982 France Jean-René Bernaudeau (FRA)
1983 France Jean-René Bernaudeau (FRA)
1984 France Dominique Garde (FRA)
1985 Italy Silvano Contini (ITA)
1986 Belgium Claude Criquielion (BEL)
1987 France Patrice Esnault (FRA)
1988 Belgium Claude Criquielion (BEL)
1989 France Jerome Simon (FRA)
1990 France Gérard Rué (FRA)
1991 France Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (FRA)
1992 France Luc Leblanc (FRA)
1993 Italy Maurizio Fondriest (ITA)
1994 Slovakia Ján Svorada (SVK)
1995 Spain Miguel Indurain (ESP)
1996 France Laurent Jalabert (FRA)
1997 Italy Alberto Elli (ITA)
1998 Switzerland Laurent Dufaux (SUI)
1999 France Benoît Salmon (FRA)
2000 France Didier Rous (FRA)
2001 Spain Iban Mayo (ESP)
2002 Result Void[1][2]
2003 No race
2004 France Christophe Moreau (FRA)


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