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Grand Production
Grand Production.png
Current logo.
Founded 3 December 1998 as Grand Production (previously known as ZaM/Zabava miliona)
Distributor(s) Grand Narodna Televizija, Prva Srpska Televizija, Televizija OBN
Genre Folk, pop-folk, turbo-folk, techno, dance, electronic, pop
Country of origin Serbia
Location Belgrade
Official website Grand

Grand Production (formerly ZaM/Zabava miliona, occasionally referred to in the local languages as Grand Produkcija)[1] is a Serbian record label and production company. Registered as a limited liability company,[2] it is owned and operated by KKR investment. It is home to Balkans folk, pop-folk, and turbo-folk artists. The label produces the weekly television variety show Grand Parada, launched their own cable television channel, and organize a competitive festival of pop-folk and turbo-folk music, Grand Festival.

TV shows[edit]

Since its founding in 1998, the label has produced the weekly television variety show Grand Parada (or Zvezda Granda), to serve as a showcase for Grand Production's artists. It aired on the Serbian network RTV Pink until 2014, when Grand launched their own cable channel, Grand Narodna Televizija, through a contract with UGL Limited. They have a full programming schedule, and also air shows on First television in Serbia and Montenegro, Televizija OBN in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on Kanal 5 in Macedonia. Grand Narodna Televizija is also available in Europe, Canada, United States and Australia.

The most famous[according to whom?] Grand Production programs include:

  • Grand Show
  • Grand Parada
  • Grand Stars
  • Grand Stars Special, formerly Grand Stars – people ask
  • Fantastic Show
  • Grand Magazine

Grand Festival[edit]

The label organizes this competitive festival of pop-folk and turbo-folk music. Grand Festival runs over multiple evenings, and in 2008 had two semi-finals with the top 12 acts from each advancing to a final show. The audience and a jury vote for the winners, who receive cash prizes.[3]


Artists currently signed to Grand:

Artists previously signed to Grand:


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