Grand Race around Lake Viljandi

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Grand Race around Lake Viljandi
Date 1st of May
Location Town of Viljandi, Estonia
Event type Cross country
Distance 12 km for men
12 km for women
Established 1928
Official site Grand Race around Lake Viljandi

The Grand Race around Lake Viljandi (Estonian: Suurjooks ümber Viljandi järve) is an annual cross country running competition that takes place around the Lake Viljandi in Viljandi, Estonia. It is also the oldest traditional running event in Estonia and has been organized already since 1928.[1] It is held annually at the 1st of May. The history of the race goes back to an idea of a schoolteacher T. Andresson.

Past senior race winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
73 2002  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 35:18  Maille Mangussoo (EST) 45:30
74 2003  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 36:18  Maille Mangussoo (EST) 45:46
75 2004  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 35:17  Maille Mangussoo (EST) 42:52
76 2005  Aleksei Sokolov (RUS) 36:20  Tiina Tross (EST) 43:48
77 2006  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 34:58  Natalja Belova (RUS) 41:12
78 2007  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 35:29  Natalja Belova (RUS) 41:10
79 2008  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 34:50  Natalja Sokolova (RUS) 41:26
80 2009  Vjatšeslav Košelev (EST) 37:06  Natalja Sokolova (RUS) 41:06
81 2010  Pavel Loskutov (EST) 36:16  Evelin Kärner (EST) 45:33
82 2011  Taivo Püi (EST) 37:02  Julija Bulina (EST) 44:17
83 2012  Keio Kits (EST) 36:57  Evelin Talts (EST) 43:15


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