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Grand Raid Réunion
Diagonale des Fous
arrival at 2011 edition
Location(s)France Réunion
Participants2350 competitors

The Grand Raid de la Réunion, also called La diagonale des fous (The Bishops'/Madmen's Diagonal) is a mountain ultramarathon race. The race takes place annually in October on Réunion island, a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean, situated between Madagascar and Mauritius. The 162 km route with 9643 m of elevation gain is reputed to be highly challenging, brutally difficult and one of the hardest footraces in the world.

Category of course[edit]

Three races are held at the same time:

  • the Grand-Raid or Diagonale des Fous — 162 kilometres (101 mi) with 9,643 metres (31,637 ft) of altitude gain
  • the Semi-Raid or Trail of Bourbon — 93 kilometres (58 mi) with 4,920 metres (16,140 ft) of gain
  • Mascareignes Raid — 61 kilometres (38 mi) with 3,036 metres (9,961 ft) of gain

Dates of races in 2017[edit]

  • 25th edition of the Diagonale des fous: 19 to 22 October [1]
  • 18th edition of the Trail de Bourbon: October
  • 7th edition of the Mascareignes: October


This race has recorded three deaths since its inception.[2] The 2002 edition was marked by the death of Gérard Bordage in the descent of the Kerveguen hillside and that of the Dutchman Guus Smit in the rampart of the Roche Écrite; while that of 2012 sees the death of Thierry Delaprez after a fall in a ravine at the Col de Fourche.[3]



Year Distance Winner Nationality Winner time
2022 165,7 km Beñat Marmissolle France France 20h 14mn 36s
2021 168 km Daniel Jung

Ludovic Pommeret

Italy Italy

France France

23h 02mn 21s
2019 170 km Grégoire Curmer France France 23h 33mn 45s
2018 165 km Benoît Girondel et François D'Haene France France 23h 18mn 48s
2017 165 km Benoît Girondel France France 23h 53mn 53s
2016 167 km François D'Haene France France 23h 44mn 67s
2015 167 km Antoine Guillon France France 24h 17mn 40s
2014 172 km François D'Haene France France 24h 25mn 02s
2013 163,5 km François D'Haene France France 22h 58mn 00s
2012 170 km Kílian Jornet Burgada Spain Spain 26h 33m 10s
2011 161,8 km Julien Chorier France France 23h 56m 35s
2010 161,8 km Kílian Jornet Burgada Spain Spain 23h 17m 26s
2009 148 km Julien Chorier France France 22h 09m 08s
2008 148 km Pascal Parny France France 21h 40m 48s
2007 150 km Thierry Chambry France France 23h 33m 41s
2006 148 km Christophe Jaquerod France France 20h 39m 40s
2005 140 km Charles Fontaine France France 19h 49m 36s
2004 140 km Richeville Esparon France France 20h 00m 57s
2003 130 km Richeville Esparon France France 18h 11m 27s
2002 125 km Thierry Técher France France 17h 55m 21s
2001 125 km Pascal Parny France France 16h 1m
2000 125 km Gilles Diehl
Thierry Técher
France France 16h 43m
1999 125 km Cléo Libelle France France 17h 50m
1998 125 km Cléo Libelle France France 17h 45m
1997 125 km Patrick Maffre France France 15h 37m 35s
1996 123 km J.Philippe Marie-Louise France France 16h 19m 27s
1995 121 km J.Philippe Marie-Louise France France 14h 41mn
1994 130 km J.Philippe Marie-Louise France France 18h 29m
1993 129 km Patrick Maffre France France 16h 03 m
1992 J.Philippe Marie-Louise France France 17h 20m
1991 Gilles Trousselier
Patrick Maffre
France France 18h 28m
1990 Gilles Trousselier France France 17h 11m
1989 Gilles Trousselier France France 16h 2m


Year Winner Nationality Winner time
2022 Courtney Dauwalter United States United States 21h 37mn 36s
2021 Emilie Maroteaux Réunion Island 29h 54mn 59s
2019 Sabrina Stanley United States United States 30h 49mn 39s
2018 Jocelyne Pauly France France 28h 54mn 26s
2017 Andrea Huser Switzerland Switzerland 26h 34mn 52s
2016 Andrea Huser Switzerland Switzerland 27h 44mn 13s
2015 Núria Picas Spain Spain 28h 11mn 14s
2014 Nathalie Mauclair France France 31h 27mn 28s
2013 Nathalie Mauclair France France 28h 45mn 32s
2012 Émilie Lecomte France France 33h 03m 17s
2011 Karine Herry France France 31h 43m 30s
2010 Marcelle Puy France France 31h 48m 50s
2009 Emilie Lecomte France France 28h 58m 41s
2008 Marcelle Puy France France 26h 20m 40s
2007 Marcelle Puy France France 29h 5m 46s
2006 Karine Herry France France 26h 33m 46s
2005 Sandrine Beranger France France 27h 24m 57s
2004 Alexandra Rousset France France 27h 58m 41s
2003 Simone Kayser Luxembourg Luxembourg 25h 59m 16s
2002 Marcelle Puy France France 20h 54m 28s
2001 Corinne Favre France France 20h 56m
2000 Corinne Favre France France 23h 25m 58s
1999 Mireille Sery France France 24h 44m
1998 Corinne Favre France France 22h 51m
1997 Corinne Favre France France 24h 35m 45s
1996 Josiane Catois France France 23h 06m 05s
1995 Marcelle Puy France France 24h 59m
1994 Mireille Sery France France 30h 47m
1993 Régine Etienne France France 27h 26m
1992 Mireille Sery
Thérèse Derolez
France France 28h 21m
1991 Marie Annick Laudes France France 33h 09m
1990 Guylène Calpetard France France 31h 58m
1989 Marie Thérèse Maussion France France 25h 40m


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